Finding a Benefactor/ Mission support


Our daughter is going to give 6 - 8 weeks this summer as a missionary. It will take some travel money and we’re hoping to find a benefactor who will sponsor her. Does anyone have any idea how we go about finding someone? We’re willing to write letters and go visit people. Where do we start? —KCT


How about asking your pastor? I bet he has an idea of who has the means and is open to this kind of support.


Because our youth group needs funds as well, and I wouldn’t want to risk “taking” parish funds for a non parish activity.

I realize that someone might be moved to support a mission trip more than a youth group, but I’m not sure the pastor would see it that way.

I’m hoping to find a business woman (hopefully Catholic!) who might be willing to sponsor my dd this year and perhaps other girls in the future. I can dream, right?? —KCT


why not go to the Knights of Columbus…ask them they usually help out with these things…at least in our area


try the organization sponsoring the mission trip and ask for their guidelines on how to get support.
approach organizations whose goals are in line with that missionary effort.
try Catholic Daughters or NCCW or your local Altar Society or other Catholic women’s organizations, for instance there are several women’s orgs. in our old diocese tied to various ethnic associations.

also approach professional or work organizations of you and your husband which may support youth work.

try any organization your daughter has ever belonged to, scouts, Y, 4H, key club, NHS etc. particularly those that are big on community service, they may provide partial support.

is there an organization that has ties in the area where she will be working that would support efforts there?

we have youth who come here every summer and work on the border, both here and in Mexico. One group from Indiana gets money from a local office of a national corp. which also has a plant in Mexico in the city where the youth work on their mission trip. another college group gets funding from the campus ministry.

my niece goes with her church group every summer on a mission trip, and gets money from her father’s employer, which is big on supporting community involvement (her father gets paid vacation to accompany the youth on this trip).


You could go to the diocese and ask them if they know anyone.

Also, when I went on a mission trip, I just wrote letters to everyone I knew…you never know who has that extra money they’d like to use for a good cause and/or who they might know as well. It’s all about knowing people with contacts :).


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