Finding a Catholic Ob/Gyn


Can anyone tell me how to find a practicing Catholic Ob/Gyn in my area? Thanks!


Judy Brown, EWTN, recommends consulting


You can also try contacting the Catholic Medical Association.


I pray that you will find one in your area.They are not easy to find.My wife tried to find one in our area but could not.Most of these Ob/Gyn doctors are just like other doctors…always pushing pills…In this case the birth control pill.They could care less about you trying to be a devout Catholic or Christian.Most of them don’t even know what natural family planning is.I hope you find one.God bless!


Ask your Catholic friends, too! Word of mouth is best if the online directories at One More Soul don’t have anybody near you.

My husband asked a catholic coworker of his about family doctors (so we could find someone who also works w/ his insurance that he gets at work). His coworker referred us to two of them who have a practice together, so we go to them. I really liek the one I go to–he’s the only dr. I’ve ever gone to who hasn’t looked at me l like I’m nuts when I mention NFP.

So, I got a referral to a Catholic OBGYN from him.

Word of mouth is important because not every Catholic, pro-life, pro-nfp doctor is listed on the internet. Sometimes this just happens to be the case, and sometimes there are reasons. For example, some Dr’s may work for medical groups that do not allow them to publicly list themselves as part of any “special-interest” group within their profession, especially ones with religious foundations. Kaiser Permanente is one such–or so I’m told by a Catholic Dr. I know who works for them. The fear is that this will turn off patients. I don’t think it occurs to the people who make such policies that it might also attract them!


Does someone in your parish teach NFP? If it’s a woman, ask her who she goes to. I found my OB/GYN by asking the lady giving an intro to NFP class that was advertised in our church bulletin.

God bless.


Also, Catholic OB/GYN’s may advertise in your church bulletin.

Sometimes Jewish Dr.'s can be just as good, I discovered. What I mean is my religious views were not only considered – BUT respected. Also if you see a midwife, for instance in a OB/GYN practice for your healthcare – chances are she’l be very open and respectful to your religious beliefs and preferences. It’s a midwife thing. :thumbsup:


I found my ob on and he is wonderful. I don’t feel the pressure that I felt with my last 2 pregnancies. I was constantly asked when was I going to be ready to tie my tubes and how easy it is for my DH to get a vasectomy. Even though I would tell them that we were not going to or even considering to get fixed.

My sister also goes to a fertility specialist she found on that website. He is also a great Dr.
Don’t give up looking I almost did, and even though he is a bit far it is so worth it.


Do you know if there is an Ob/Gyn in Houston? Thanks for the help!



You can also contact your Diocese NFP Office (if they have one) or the Family Life Office. They might have a suggestion for you. Or contact a local NFP teacher and see if they have a recomendation.


DH and I got a list of local NFP-only doctors when we attended Engaged Encounter (it was included in our packet of materials), so you could also contact them (if the other routes don’t offer you any results).

I have been wondering if NFP-only OB/GYNs are any less likely to push birth interventions (induction, scheduled c-section, etc.) unless they are medically necessary?


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