Finding a Church while on vacation (Amagansett, NY)

I know about, but I was really concerned about finding an orthodox Roman Catholic Church so we could fufill our Sunday obligation with minimal abuses. I visited the website of a church listed, but it had pics of a treasure hunt where the kids were scampering through the sanctuary to find the prize on the tabernacle. I don’t think I could handle that even for just one Mass. Any suggestions?

Pray for the grace to “handle it for one mass” and go meet Jesus where he is.

I believe that the EF is offered in Cutchogue (on the North Fork) and Massapequa, but either amounts to an hour+ drive from Amagansett. Of course it might be an opportunity to take in some local color on the to or from: maybe stop for lunch on the way back, visit a local winery or farmer’s market, etc, so it could fit into a vacation scenario.

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