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My wife is attempting to find an OB/GYN and is having difficulty. I would also like to find a doctor. Our criteria are pretty simple: pro-life docs, on our insurance if possible.

We looked to doctors (OB/GYN’s specifically for this question) who deliver and/or have admitting priviledges at Catholic hospitals. However, my wife called the new doctor she chose based on this with a question today, and the first question asked of her was “What pill are you on?”

So, before even having an appointment, the search resumes.

Finally, my question:

Is there a list somewhere of doctors who either are Catholic, or practice in a way that is consistent with our faith?


Here is a good website that has a list of Pro-Life Docs… however some areas just don’t have many at all (none in my area at all! :o)…

I do understand the frustration, but it CAN be a means for evangelization! :slight_smile: Stand up and PRONOUNCE that you’re CATHOLIC and share your faith! Most doctors may not even have a CLUE about what the faith teaches! I’ve actually had some *fabulous *conversations with my OB and midwives - all of whom ask those “standard” birth control questions at every appointment - that’s just the way it is now! But if WE don’t stand up proudly and strongly saying WHY we believe what we do, then who will? :shrug: I’ve shared my beliefs and why we choose to use NFP - and yes, I’ve sarcastically been told “Oh, then I’ll see you in a few months when you’re pregnant again!” :rolleyes:… and that’s when I pop out the books, studies, charts - truth be known, many OB’s and Nurse Midwives just aren’t even TAUGHT this stuff!.. They’ve heard of it, maybe touched on it for a day in school, but it’s glossed over and brushed aside!

Use this as a way of sharing your faith! :thumbsup:


Searching for a good OBGYN is really frustrating. I went to two, one who was completely a jerk before I found a good one. I actually had one tell me I was lying when I said I was a virgin at 27. Needless to say I was so happy to find my current doctor, who said “I would much rather see a 27, or even 40 year old virgin, than a 17 year-old who has had multiple partners”. She also worked great with my heart specialist to develop plans for any treatments that worked with my heart condition.

There are great OBGYN’s out threre, but keep in mind that you may be limiting yourself if you will only go to a catholic doctor that never prescibes birth control. Remember that Doctors do have to make a living, pay for their staff, pay the bills for their practice, and pay their insurance. If they limit themselves to only devote Catholic patients they woud have a hard time staying in business.

Instead I would look for a doctor that is supportive of your religious choices. I know that our OBGYN does prescribe the pill, because I was on it for a while (I’m Lutheran, so please don’t freak out). However, I was insistant that I be on a pill that shut my system completely down, not one that simply thinned the uteran lining. She was extremely supportive, and created a list of pills that fit my medical and religous needs. When an Anglican friend gave me a book on NFP, and my husband and I decided to switch, again she was really supportive, and asked that I bring my charts into my appointments with me, as they would help her keep better track of my health.

Also keep in mind that most OBGYN’s have the equipment on hand to perform an abortion, because it is also used in cases of a miscarriage to make sure that nothing is left behind that could cause a dangerous infection.

MY OBGYN doesn’t use it for anything but that. She also refuses to prescribe ABC to anyone under 18 without parental consent. I was really impressed when I found that out. In this day and age of places like Planned Parenthood dispensing who knows what to kids and encouraging them to hide it fom their parents, it’s nice to see that some people still respect parents rights to be involved in and part of their kids lifes.

Just my 2 cents.


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