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My wife and myself are fairly new Catholics (myself in 2005, wife last year), and we have just recently started hearing about NFP. We have done some research and are looking foreward to taking the next step. For us, the next step is finding a class. I was hoping someone could maybe point us in the right direction, maybe some kind of “directory” or website that shows what is available in different locations. Also, we would love to hear feedback from couples that have taken the classes so we will know what to expect.


The first decision should be which method you will learn.

Sympto-Thermal through the couple to couple league,

Creighton Model NFP, and

Billings Ovulation Model

Next, research classes in your area. In addition to the above websites, your local diocese or parish will also likely have a listing of instructors, locations, dates, etc.

CCLI teaches classes in a group session. Creighton has individual instruction. I do not know about Billings instructional setting.

I use Creighton Model NFP. It is a medical model of NFP taught by a fertility care practitioner, who has gone through extensive training. It was private instruction, one-on-one with the instructor.

Thank you. I’m glad I posted on here, I didn’t know there were so many types. We will be looking into these. Thank you again.

I have been using NFP for about 25 years. For the past two years I have been using Creighton. I purchased The Art of Natural Family Planning which was a tremendous help and gave all the information you would need to use NFP. There are quizzes at the end of each chapter to make sure you understand what you just read. The Couple to Couple League can provide you with a basal thermometer and charts. Good luck and I know that this choice will only strenghten your marriage!

Another good site is

they list NFP teachers and NFP doctors around the US and Canada


how much does in usually cost to take NFP classes?

Also check with your diocese’s NFP or Family Life office, they will know what is available locally, or your parish office should too. Classes are usually pretty cheap, I think we paid $25 for ours, included the book. One of the best investments we’ve made.

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