Finding a Novena (to bring someone back to the Church)

My sister and I want to say a Novena for the intention of bringing our brother back to the Church. He’s a strong Christian, but is going to a ‘non denominational’ community.

He grew up Catholic, but hasn’t been going to Catholic Mass in quite some time now. He (like I) was poorly catechized and I believe just doesn’t understand that the fullness of truth can only be found in the Church. I talk to him about it whenever I can and I think he’s open to the idea but I’d love to get a little extra spiritual help from God and the Saints. :slight_smile:

Is there any specific Novena for this type of thing? Or if not, are there any that you think would fit this well?

Thank you for any advice.

Saint Peter the rock comes to mind. Since he’s the Apostle that God built his church on.

54-Day Rosary Novena
This Novena – actually one cycle of three 9-Day Novenas followed by another cycle of three 9-Day Novenas – (3 Novenas)X(9 days each)=27 days; (27 days)X(2 cycles)=54 days – is said to be especially efficacious. It has its origins in a private relevation granted in 1884 to the family of Fortuna Agrelli, a girl who was so seriously ill that her doctors had given up on her. She and her family began praying the Rosary, and saw a vision of Our Lady, sitting on a throne and holding the Christ Child, with a Rosary in her hands, and accompanied by SS Dominic and Catherine of Siena. Fortuna addressed Our Lady: “Queen of the Holy Rosary, be gracious to me, restore me to health! I have already prayed to Thee in a novena, O Mary, but have not yet experienced Thy aid. I am so anxious to be cured!”

Our Lady is said to have replied: “Child, you have invoked me by various titles and have always obtained favors from me. Now, since you have called Me by that title so pleasing to me, ‘Queen of the Holy Rosary’, I can no longer refuse the favor you petition; for this name is most precious and dear to me. Make three novenas, and you shall obtain all.”

The Queen of the Holy Rosary is said to have appeared again, saying: “Whoever desires to obtain favors from me should make three novenas of the prayers of the Rosary, and three novenas in thanksgiving.”

*]Pray the Rosary (5 decades) once a day for 27 days in the spirit of petition, with your intentions in mind.

*]Then pray the Rosary (5 decades) once a day for 27 days in the spirit of thanksgiving – whether you believe your petitions have been granted or not.

*]Start the entire cycle with the Joyful Mysteries first, the Sorrowful Mysteries second, and ending with the Glorious Mysteries.

Saint Francis’ Prayer Before the Crucifix

Most High, glorious God,
enlighten the darkness of my heart and give me
true faith, certain hope, and perfect charity,
sense and knowledge, Lord, that I may carry out
Your holy and true command. Amen.

I prayed this while away from the Church because of all the confusion I saw around me. I knew somewhere there was truth and God led me home not too long after finding this prayer.

So that one and maybe a novena to St. Augustine and St. Monica. Also someone mentioned novena Queen of the Holy Rosary.

You can try a novena to your brother’s patron saint or to his Guardian Angel. St. Rita and St. Monica were both mom’s concerned with their son’s salvation and the Holy Trinity cannot refuse any request from our Blessed Mother.

Thank you to everyone for the great suggestions.

We’re going to start with a nine day novena to Our Lady, saying the rosary each day for the intention of my brother’s return to the Church.

Thanks again.


Here’s a wonderful novena to St Monica. She prayed her son into the Catholic church, and he became a saint.

The St. Monica Sodality Prayer For Fallen Away Catholics

“Eternal and merciful Father, I give You thanks for the gift of Your Divine Son Who suffered, died and rose for all mankind. I thank You also for my Catholic Faith and ask Your help that I may grow in fidelity by prayer, by works of charity and penance, by reflection on Your Word, and by regular participation in the Sacraments of Penance and the Holy Eucharist.

You gave Saint Monica a spirit of selfless love manifested in her constant prayer for the conversion of her son Augustine. Inspired by boundless confidence in Your power to move hearts, and by the success of her prayer. I ask the grace to imitate her constancy in my prayer for [name(s)] who no longer share(s) in the intimate life of Your Catholic family. Grant through my prayer and witness that (he/she/they) may be open to the promptings of Your Holy Spirit, and return to loving union with Your Church. Grant also that my prayer be ever hopeful and that I may never judge another, for You alone can read hearts. I ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen. “

^^^ I was thinking of Sta. Monica too

Greetings asia53,

Thanks for posting this wonderful novena to St. Monica. I have a good friend who was baptized Catholic and raised for a time in the Catholic Church, but sorry to say he has slipped away from the faith due in part to me when I introduced him to Evangelical Christianity when I had my conversion (born again) experience. He to, as with me, accepted it all hook, line and sinker… but I have been brought to my senses after much contemplation that the Catholic Church is Christ’s church and in her is the “fullness of truth.” I am in the progress of converting to the Catholic faith as I am now going through RCIA, with the hope to become in full communion with the church this March 2013.

Now that God in His mercy and grace has brought me to acknowledge that His church “is” the Catholic church, I pray now for my friend, who I haven’t seen in 14 years, would be drawn back into the faith of his birth.

For those who would like to lift him up in prayer… his name is Chuck.

Thanks again asia53, I will begin a nine day novena for him starting tomorrow, now that I have this wonderful, powerful novena to St. Monica.


Dear inomcoke,

I will add my prayers for your brother.

Dear Kingdomson,

It was my pleasure to pass this novena to St Monica on. I will pray for Chuck, too.

As to your own conversion, Welcome Home!!!

asia53 :gopray2:

Thank you for the suggestion about St. Monica. My sister and I have added it into our Novena since you posted it on the day we started. :slight_smile:

I very much appreciate your prayers for my brother!


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