Finding a routine confessor


Here’s my situation: the pastor of my parish is someone who I feel I can trust, someone who I greatly admire, and someone whose penances are, in my opinion, appropriate and just. He’s a man who just doesn’t hear about sin, but makes you think about why you sin in order that you might try harder to stay away in the future. I’ve had nothing but good experiences when I go to confession with him. Unfortunately, given his busy schedule, and given that there are two older priests in the parish who aren’t quite as able to run all the errands he is still able to do, it is likely that he won’t be found in the confessional during the scheduled times; rather, one of the two older priests will usually be found there, and while I don’t mind the other two priests, sometimes I can’t help but leave the confessional more confused than when I went in.

I know I should discuss this with my pastor, but I would like to have regular monthly confessions with him, if possible. My question is, though: How did the saints manage to obtain constant, routine confessors, as many of them did? How did you, if you have one?


I would ask him if he has a certain spot in the confessional rotation - every 2nd Saturday or whatever - so that you could know to show up then. If not, ask him if it would be possible to set up a regular time for confession that might be agreeable to both of your schedules.


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