Finding a suitable job


Hi all,
I just graduated and looking for a job now. Please pray for me that I may get a suitable job so that I could still have time for daily mass and my church groups. Thanks!:slight_smile:


Lord, I ask that You guide this, Your servant, to a job that will allow them to continue in service to You, especially by attending daily Mass. In Jesus name we pray.




I’ll pray for you.


It’s so wonderful to hear a person asking for a job yet remembering that they need to do Gods will and attend mass. I am praying for the perfect job…


Father I pray that this young man finds suitable employment that will allow him to stay close to You. Amen.





Will keep your intentions in prayer…


Praying for you…


Thank you all!
I just sent out 4 job applications last night, hopefully I’ll get interview at least from 1. Now, I’m getting desperate.




Keeping your hopes in prayer…


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