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When I was a college student at UCB, I took a history class about Latin America. I was really struck by the fact that the Jesuits had a mission in Baja California. Unfortunate, quite a number of Jesuit priests were assassinated by the indians and it became a suspicion that the priests had found a place to achieve martyrdom. In fact pronouncements were made warning that to seek martyrdom was a sin and a form for suicide. Please excuse me if this is distorted history, because I was student a very very long time .

I became a Catholic a couple of years ago. I live in Oregon, a state where it is legal for an individual who has been declared terminal to personally take medication that ends life in about 5 minutes. Now that I am a Catholic, this is not an option. I can go to a Hospice and be medicated for pain until I die

Now we go back to a Jesuit priest who would sin if he went to Baja with the intention to seek martyr. Now I am so excited because I can suffer for Catholicism on purpose and it won’t be a sin because it would be a sin to commit suicide if you are terminal.

Any thoughts?


Two different things.

That priest in Baja California did not kill himself. A native did.

If you went to the hospital and chose in your own will to die, that would be suicide, and a grave sin.

The point was if the priest purposely relocated to Baja with the intention to being martyred, it was considered a sin.

And I do intend to live until I die, no matter how much I suffer.

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