Finding balance in troubled world


I have been growing in my Catholic faith so much in the past few years. It is really wonderful. But…

I am starting to see so much that is troubled in our society in ways I never realized before. And, even in the lifestyles of those around me:( I have reformed my life quite a bit, too. How do you all cope with everyday life as a Catholic? I feel like I have less and less in common with so many of my peers the more my faith grows. I would like to meet more people through my church, but really haven’t. I guess I get a little weirded out by the idea of “hanging out” with people from church. Guess I sound a bit stuck in between?

Anyhow, I hope this make sense. Growing pains, and wondering if any of you have felt this way and open to your advice. Sure love having this forum!


This is kinda how I feel. I’m in college and I live in a college town and everything around me is drinking, sex, everything immoral, etc. I don’t really want to make friends with people who are doing those things, which seems to be 99% of the school, but I also feel weird going to church youth clubs.

Like you, this is a new situation for me. I used to go with the crowd and I hung out with people who did these things (not saying you did that) but now that I have changed, I can’t be around these lifestyles anymore. Due to this, I don’t really have friends, not that I had great friends before.

Hopefully we both stop feeling so weird about meeting people through church. :thumbsup:


Hang out here! :smiley: Yes, it can be tough making the transition, but that is what our Lord told us up front: He is calling us out of the world. But hear His consolation:

Peter said to him, “We have left all we had to follow you!”

“I tell you the truth,” Jesus said to them, “no one who has left home or wife or brothers or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God will fail to receive many times as much in this age and, in the age to come, eternal life.” (Luke 18:28-30)


I can relate. I’m 27, don’t live in a college town now (used to though), but most people my age still seem to do the things you mentioned above. I have no issue with responsible drinking and such, but it is the debauchery/sex and immoral activity that comes with excess drinking that frustrates me. I have a lot of decent friends with good character, some are quite religious and others aren’t but they all seem to have pre-marital sex. That is where I feel like I am on the outside because I am the only person I know abstaining until marriage…I know their are others out there as well who are, but I haven’t met them yet. If my friends ever want to do anything that I am not comfortable with I will just go home early or go out with another group of people that night. Fortunately, I’ve gotten settled in my area enough to have a few social activity options and usually at least one is suitable.

My suggestion to you would be to start up some groups or try to get people to events that don’t center around partying/drinking. Try to plan a ‘game night’ or organize a pick up sports game, or a hike, or a movie night or something like that.


Thanks for sharing. The bible quotes brought tears to my eyes.

I don’t have a problem with drinking. A glass of wine or two, or a nice beer. But, it really seems everyone around me drinks to extremes, are very consumed with pop culture and sex, and materialism. I am married, and even having issues with my husband in these areas.

Are any of you on Facebook? I recently got on there to connect with family and friends and would love to chat more regularly with young Catholics to give and receive support.

I guess I could approach the church about starting an adult recreational group to play horseshoes, cornhole (beanbag toss game that is really fun), volleyball, etc. This is kinda tough too, though, b/c my husband is not Catholic and has recently been very condemning of the church. We are in a rough spot- let’s just say I have been verbally approved for an annulment if I wish, but I guess I am hanging on to hope.

I have learned to sit back a bit while friends do their thing and just focus on being a good example and having lots of class! And, removing myself gracefully if the situation is not fitting. Shwew. So much going on and guess I want to shout from the rooftops- “Is anybody out there like me?” :o


I too have been growing in my faith and have trouble finding people that I can relate to…I have found some really nice friends though…I started going to a Bible study and found some friends there and I have some nice neighbors that are like -minded…I don’t want to sound snobbish or anything but it’s just hard to relate to some people when my mind is on Jesus most of the time…


That is what I find, too. I want to be VERY careful about being judgemental at all times, and praying for those that I am feeling alienated from, and even embrace them while maintaining my own standards. Priests must really have special gifts in this area. I am hoping to address this and ask for guidance and prayers in this area from my priest soon.


even though I am not Catholic- I think in seeking God there are always valleys and hills. For me, having the guidance of others and having a community that you feel comfortable in is crucial- have you thought about visiting another Catholic church? Sometimes the people around you can make all the difference- also making sure to spend time with God alone in prayer is good too- reading the bible, praying the rosary- some kind of reflective quality. Another quick point- although we should always praise God for our blessings, I think it’s always good to cry out to God and tell him how you are feeling. So often I find myself going to others for advice to vent my problems to- although God is supreme being and creater of all he is also our best friend. Even if you don’t get “answers” from God praying about it, talking to your best friend, Christ always (regardless if you feel it or not) brings us closer to Him. Hope this helps!


*Hi lifeisamazing. :wave:

I hear what you’re saying, the truth is though, the world has ALWAYS been troubled since the fall of Adam and Eve. Since original sin entered the picture. There has always been famine, wars, adultery, and depravity. I think the best way to forge ahead in our society given these times, as a Catholic, is to always extend a helping hand and a listening ear to those in pain and suffering. We are the legs, arms, ears, heart, and mouth of Christ to others, here on earth. I used to be critical of others who weren’t as devout, or who weren’t living Christian lives…but I have since learned…I was in their shoes once myself! I think that we are called to always be helpful to those in need, and when we look past our differences with others, we can find ways to show others how beautiful it is to be Catholic. That can be trying at times, but I have found it to bring peace like nothing else, in a crazy and changing world…a world that really is against Catholicism. I hope this helps? God bless. :hug1:*



Nicely put. I do think it is very important to keep a watch to not be critical of others too.

I also pay attention to when I feel I need to remove myself. Actions speak louder than words, and though I am not condemning the person(s), I communicate that I cannot participate. Even in high school, my friends were from all different walks. I was very against drugs, and one of the only people I know that never even smoked pot. My friends did, but they understood that I wouldn’t tolerate being around that so they made their choices without disrespecting mine.

I definately need more Catholic friends that are here living near! I am it. I think that kind of support would make all the difference in dealing with the ups and downs of life. My brothers don’t participate anymore, and my husband, among other issues has become anti catholic more and more and my faith grows.

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