Finding Catholic Song from Radio

I watch Catholic Radio on Covenant Radio here in the St. Louis area. Between shows they play some very nice songs. I found the Via Delorossa (sp) song by Freddy Hayler on iTunes, but I’m unable to find the Hail Holy Mother song that they play.

Any ideas on how to find a song? I can’t seem to find it on iTunes. Is there another web site that lets you preview the songs to make sure it’s “the one”?

The Hail Holy Mother song I’m looking for is sung by women with organ in the background. Kind of traditional, almost something you’d hear from Sound of Music.

I can’t help you find it, an I’ve never used any program besides Itunes, so I can’t help. I am going to bump this back up to the top of the discussion, because I am looking for a thread which lists some good Catholic recordings. Maybe somebody could help us both out.

At the top of this forum there are some sticky topics that talk about the different types of music. They might help you too?

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