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So I recently got a job offer that will relocate me to San Francisco. The problem is that I will most likely have to find roommates due to the cost of living for apts/housing being so absurd and I’m really struggling to find Christian (let alone Catholic Christian) roommates using sites like craigslist. I do want to make this an essential part of my move. Are there any websites/resources that you could point me to for finding Christian roommates? Also, are there any novenas/prayers you can suggest as well? (i.e. St. Joseph??)

Contact the diocese, parishes in your new location and see if they can get you in contact with local resources.


There are no magic prayers to make this happen. i certainly prayed to find the right apartment when I moved once, and things worked out well.There might be notices on a church bulletin board. Call ahead to a parish or two and explain your needs. Contact a Catholic social service agency.

There are a lot of variables to juggle here, like committing to a long term lease when you really don’t want to. I’ve been in a situation somewhat like that and, you’re right, it’s hard to get established like that.

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First, find and secure a short-term temporary housing solution.

Then go find a Catholic parish to your liking, register as a parishioner and start attending Mass there on a regular basis. Attend as many weekday Masses as your schedule permits so you’ll get known by the regular weekday Mass attendees. Once the regular parishioners get to know you, they’ll become a great resource to locate compatible Catholic roommates.

Also ask assistance at the rectory. They might even permit you to place a notice in the weekly bulletin that your seeking a roommate (it really depends on the parish if they’ll permit this).

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I would avoid Craigslist. But have you tried any websites like the following:

This sounds like a superhuman parish if it’s actually involved enough to be arranging for roommates.

I have seen people find catholic roommates by placing ads in parish bulletins and diocesan news papers. Also there may be a Catholic young adults Facebook group or other San Francisco catholic Facebook group you could ask in


You might also consider schools to see about placing ads. There’s the University of San Francisco, a Catholic school. And there may be campus ministries at UCSF or San Francisco State. Perhaps you could link up with a grad student looking for housing.

San Francisco ?

First, I’d avoid Craig’s List.


I wouldn’t consider it a superhuman parish. My parish has done this on a case-by-case basis, when requested by a parishioner. And I consider my parish relatively ordinary. The key is not being a stranger to the parish staff and priests. The staff and priests at my parish will always try to assist parishioners they’ve come to know.


Thanks everyone! I’m starting to reach out to some young adult groups in the SF diocese to see whether I can place a notice in a mailing list or bulletin, but I’ll definitely be asking around at parishes and campus ministries once I arrive. Appreciate all your help!

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