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My father often points out that the Catholic church says that the Muslims worship the same God as the Christians (CCC 841). He believes that they actually worship a moon god.

In researching this I have found that Nostra Aetate 3 references “St. Gregory VII, letter XXI to Anzir (Nacir), King of Mauritania (Pl. 148, col. 450f.)” Where would I find this document? I want to show my father that the church’s understanding of the God the Muslims worship dates to time that is much closer to the founding of Islam than Vatican II.


Hi Cobb__,

The text is quoted and discussed here.



Thank you. I read this. I am comfortable with the reference for the partial quote of the document, but I am very uncomfortable with the reference for the entire document (a site that claims that Pope Benedict is not the true pope).

Is there a reputable site that I can find the entire document on?


He believes that they actually worship a moon god.

Moon gods don’t exist, nor have they ever existed … someone just made them up.

There is, was and ever will be, only one God … Father Son and Holy Spirit.


Exactly. That is why my father believes the Catholic church is wrong by saying made up moon god the Muslims worship is the same God as the Christians worship.


Cobbfmly, in general, many universities, especially liberal arts colleges, have old documents like what you’re looking for. Unfortunately, sometimes they’re hard to find, and they might not be in English. The librarians will usually help, but some elistist institutions ( :cough: Harvard) don’t allow non-affiliates to even set foot in their library to browse the shelves.


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