Finding Dory.

I’m surprised to not see a thread yet. We saw it yesterday (I missed about 5 minutes coz DD needed to go to bathroom).

I loved it so much. And I cried a number of times.

Really good film!

There are a number of flashbacks when Dory was a baby fish. Very cute!

There was a thread earlier - on the alleged “lesbian” presence in the movie. The consensus was that such an allegation was nonsense.

I haven’t seen the movie yet. I loved “Finding Nemo”. Fish are such beautiful creatures. I always admired them.

They can sometimes change gender, but in fish it’s natural.

I think Nemo is overrated. I prefer other Pixar films like Inside Out and the Toy Story franchise. I am also waiting for Walt Disney Animation Studios to produce Frozen 2.

My niece was 6 1/2 when she saw “Finding Nemo”. She was traumatized by the death of 400 baby fish. My 8 year old nephew thought that scene was very funny:shrug:

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