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I was raised catholic, went to catholic school and have done the same with my children. Growing up in the catholic church especially as a child I had many questions because things didnt really make sense to me. I would make the nuns crazy mad with my questions but no one would answer them. I was just suppose to believe without question but it was hard for me because what I was told to believe didnt feel right. In the second grade I was determined to become a nun because I thought maybe the answers would automatically come then. I strayed from the church for many years and even after having my children I went through the motions, done what I thought I had to do, and avoided mass. So after 30 years of unfufillment and searching I picked up a few books that changed my life. They made sense. These were the answer I had been looking for and felt so right. There were many Ah ha moments and many times I blurted out AMEN! In the past when I heard people say “I found God” , I would wonder what it felt like, where did you find him, what did you do to get there. I couldnt grasp it. But now I can say I have found God, and can truly feel his presence. I am a more patient person, significantly less judgemental and still working on it, more compasionate and understanding. I have less suffering and truly want to shout out that I have found god and tell everyone I meet. The world has become brighter and more beautiful than I ever imagined. I have found my way back to the catholic church because I understand it so much more. How amazing is all this!! I am so grateful it happend to me and so excited to finally understand my catholic upbringing. After reading through several of the posts here I am sure that when I tell you what books changed my life, (made me a more compasionate and nonjudgemental person, the book that has helped me get in touch with god and my spirit, has helped me to realize my true calling in helping others), many of you will condem me or say that I am reading evil. These books are A New Earth by Echart Tolle and The Power of Now by Echart Tolle. How can something so beautiful be considered evil. If you think this thats ok, I dont mind. I am just so thankful to have stumbled across them and thankful for the power of GOD!!!


Salutations to the Divinity within you. You are being guided and I am happy that you are following that guidance. The books you chose are excellent and I also recommend them for others seeking God. God is within each one of us so we need to open our consciousness to the unity of God’s pure spiritual consciousness because God reveals Himself in the condition of love, which is a kind of spiritual and physical unity.

The God’s pure consciousness within will show us that God is not far removed from us, but with us in the here and now. Jesus also said this when he gave us the saying; The Kingdom of God is within.

I feel our actions and thoughts within and without resolve themselves in the simplicity of the whole experience, when we focus on our simple unity in God’s pure consciousness and have become acquainted with it so it is apparently outside and within ourselves. This consciousness is witnessed inside, when we know that reality is more than what is observed outside with the senses. Letting go of what is little, we enter into a larger concept of life where there is nothing to fear because we realize that conflict is the result of seeing only in part, not the whole picture. The Catholic saints said the same things and were also reprimanded by the church, but the spirit pushes forward with love.


I don’t know these books but it’s great that you found God:)…Father Cedric helped me find my beloved Jesus…


Hi, that’s great that you found God :slight_smile:

about the books, I’ve never heard of them, but I just wanted to say that God can use anything. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has teh truth. We know that the Church teaches the truth… but He sometimes uses other things to help us come to Him and to His truth. Just something to keep in mind :slight_smile:

God bless


God can use anything to bring us back to Him. I know it may be hard to believe, but the book that brought me back to Him was The Late great Planet Earth by Hal Lindsay:eek: Not that I believed everything he wrote, but the thought occured to me that when Jesus did come back, I sure wasn’t prepared to meet Him! After that I began my journey back into the Church via a foray into evangelical Protestantism, which did not fufill me spiritually, but from which I learned the importance of reading the Bible and committing my life to Christ. And then he put devout Catholics in my life to lead me back Home.


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