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Hello everyone! This is my first post on this site. My husband and I got married last October. He was confirmed in 2017, but I am not confirmed yet (I want to join RCIA later this year). We have been talking about starting a family soon, and the only thing holding us back is we don’t have any Catholic friends who could be our child’s godparents. We are still fairly new to our parish, so we don’t know very many people yet. There are also not a lot of young married couples at our church. Are there other places we could meet people our age? Not just to have godparents, but also to have more friends in general. Also, at what age does a child get baptized? Is finding godparents something we should be worried about doing now, or are we thinking too far in advance? Thanks for any advice!


Children, people, may be baptized at any age, however the Church recommends that babies be baptized in the first few weeks after they are born.

Have you talked to the Parish Office about groups, places to volunteer, etc.? Of course the CCD/RE department will have many parents involved, as will the Catholic School.

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children are to be baptized in the first few months.

I wouldn’t really worry about it, and certainly wouldn’t let it hold you back from starting a family. Your pastor can help you find a sponsor or sponsors. You only need one, but can have two if they are of opposite sex.

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The only thing holding you back is finding Godparents? Then you need not worry. You can choose them yourself or the priest can direct you to some options! We were pregnant with our first 13 years ago went to mass one Sunday and said today is the day we pick our godparents. We were both converts and had no real family options. There was a youth minister who was also pregnant who made some announcements. We invited them over for dinner and 13 years later they are our closest friends and have been godparents to 6 of our kids.


Am I mistaken, or are you worried about finding godparents for a child who isn’t even born, yet. You are either a chronic procrastinator, or are having doubts. As to both problems, make an appointment with your priest and discuss everything. When you decide to keep going with the conversion, follow the church schedule…for RCIA meetings, etc. that the priest will give you. Here’s hoping all doubts will disappear, and you’re in the church next year!

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