Finding healing and acceptance after same-sex love collides with religion

For example, U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke, among others, pushed back this week against the synod’s opening on gay issues, calling for Catholics to focus on preventing gay family members from acting on a sexual orientation that is, “always and everywhere wrong, evil.”

Did he really say this?

This article seems out of place on a Catholic forum as it appears to promote homosexual marriage. Two people of the same sex can love each other very much but when they seek out genital contact that is where the depravity is. Man and woman are a complementary and under no circumstances can people of the same sex engage in genital contact. It is intrinsically disordered.

I can’t say whether that’s an accurate quote, but it is certainly Catholic doctrine that same sex sexual activities are always and everywhere wrong, just as is fornication, adultery, and premarital sex.

No, he did not. He called upon the Synod fathers to be more clear in their publications with regard to the fact that the Church’s teaching about sexual activity had not and could not change.

Either he said it or LifeSiteNews misquoted him:

Nice example of the fallacy argumentum ad misericordiriam, or appeal to pity.

I did read that he said that families of gay people should “shun” them. There are no words to describe that tidbit of opinion.:eek:

The situation presented in this story is sooooo common in families today. This is such a difficult dilemma for a family. If one of my children began living the gay lifestyle and had a partner I would be so conflicted. I certainly wouldn’t attend a gay wedding ceremony or allow a sexual living situation under my roof… but Christmases and family celebrations? I could not exclude them. That is what we need help and guidance with from the Church.

If the Church could come up with a direction inspired by the Holy Spirit to ease the burden of responsibility for the families and to encourage responsibility in the person living in sin, to recognise the impact of their choices on others… that would be wonderful for us modern Catholics with contemporary problems. Look at the wonderful wording that the last papacy gave us to let the death penalty go. The Church has that capacity to re formulate teachings in a way that helps us direct our focus without losing the essence of a teaching.

Why? I don’t get this reasoning, why fear calling a disorder a sin. The gay agenda is so powerful that people on this forum go to crazy lengths like insisting that most same sex relationships are not sexual to justify them with catholic teachings. If someone is sinning like that the cardinal is right they should be shunned by their family. If they repent than they should be accepted.

If the Church says we can’t invite homosexual family members and their partners to our house for dinner, then they shouldn’t allow family members who are having premarital sex, or living together, or had a baby out of wedlock, or intentionally miss mass, etc. etc. etc.

Over the past 30 or more years, I have known Catholic families in which parents were truly grieved by sons or daughters who decided to shack up with their girlfriends or boyfriends without marriage. In many cases children were born to the union.

This is a significant change from prior decades when children who strayed so far afield from their parent’s strongly held beliefs would simply not present themselves with their live-in’s at the parents home. Often they simply hid the relationship.

Parents eventually caved in. What else could they do? They had grandchildren with unmarried parents, they still loved their children, they invited them along with their live-in partners to family events. Nobody was happy about it, because the whole thing does give the impression of parental approval. Apparently the same thing is going to happen with same sex relationships. “Normalization” moves forward.

I read your link and it did not include a quote by Cardinal Burke that is remotely close to what you stated.

Try re-reading it, because the quote that you said he didn’t say is in there.

Well actually, he only labelled the homosexual the acts as such.

committing acts which are always and everywhere wrong, evil.

The “intentionally miss mass” comment is interesting. What about someone who is terribly stingy and selfish, never helping anyone out at all? Surely this person is living in grave sin. But we don’t talk about not inviting home for Christmas. That’s just reserved for sexual sins, it seems. Are those sins so much worse?

He said no such thing. I read it through twice.
In fact, he said the opposite of shun, he said to stay close to these family members.

I read it twice more and it still doesn’t say that. :shrug:

Maybe we’re not talking on the same thing. Can we agree that he most definitely said homosexual acts are “always and everywhere wrong, evil” in the following statement: “And neither should we do it in the context of a family member who not only suffers from same-sex attraction, but who has chosen to live out that attraction, to act upon it, committing acts which are always and everywhere wrong, evil” because that’s what I’m referring to?

Obviously Cardinal Burke has been misquoted in the media. Several says he talked about “shunning” gay relatives but since the sound file is on the net it’s very easily checked. He said no such thing. That’s the work of the people who write the newspaper headlines.

Cry me a river. She chose her lespian partner over God, as most sodomites usually do. Sad that this happens. I have not met one celebate homosexual.

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