Finding Mary on Google?

Okay I am having a hell of a time looking for specific imagary of Mary, mother of god mary. How can i differentiate her from other mary’s? without jesus in it? Does she have a surname?

Most of the “Mother of God” photos will include the Child Jesus.

What “Mary” are you looking for specifically?
“Help of Christians”
“Lady of Grace”
“Lady of Fatima”
"Lady of Lourdes"

Just Mary. Like the Photo on the top left of the screen minus the Jesus…

click the link I posted in my previous article and scroll through the offerings

Yea it’s alot more specific than that… Never mind though thanks anyway. I tried the mother of god tag, did not help alot.

I don’t think much of it exists, I think I will create it…

Never realized there was this much art of Mary. Some of it’s really good.

What, exactly, are you looking for? A seated Mary? Praying Mary?

You might have more luck with a google image search of Blessed Virgin Mary.

Yeah, there are many images of Mary there not carrying Jesus.

You could also google “our lady” and get more images. Also try for more fine art images of Mary.

I think he is looking for an image of Mary which has a caption below it that says, “Mother of God”. or he simply cannot put into clear words what it is he really wants see.

Why would a Pastafarian want an image of Mary? :rotfl:

I hope you’re not planning on photoshopping an image like the one found here:

I didn’t even notice that!

OMG that is so awesome a Colbert inspired Wiki… sweet…

I hope you’re not planning on photoshopping an image like the one found here:

No no nothing of that sort at all.

Now I seem to understand what the pastafarian is after. In the link you gave, they “murdered” images that were respectable.

Why the assumption of murder I swear it is not murder just a case of 34…

That was figurative that is why the word was placed in quotation marks. They destroyed the original picture. And I hope they would not do the same to any image of Mary.

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