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Hi all-
I’m wondering, how does one determine his/her patron saint? I’ve been reading about praying through (with) them for intercession (I think its the right term, correct me if I’m wrong), but how exactly is it ‘chosen’? I determined one is supposed to select a patron saint of ___ if they are having a particular problem with that issue, but is there a way to have a ‘full-time’ saint with you (and how is that determined), or do people just feel a connection with a certain saint.
Sorry if this question is vague/poorly worded/rambling, I’m just curious to this issue.
Thank you and God Bless!


For me I have more than one patron Saint. I have Saint Christopher, the name i took up at confirmation, he is my protector and guide towards God. I also have Saint Patrick, who is the patron saint of engineers. And he helps me at work daily, so that I can finish my work, not make too many mistakes and be stress-free throughout the day. Therefore, I believe that since each Saint has a different patronage and that a person can have more than one thing in common with the Saint. You can choose a Patron Saint for different things in your life, you don’t have to pick just one.


For a patron saint, you can either choose one who’s feast day is on your birthday, or one with the same name. Or similar name. I know there is a web site, but I can’t remember the name of it.


I think the website you’re referring to is



I never knew that Saint Patrick was the Patron Saint of Engineers! That’s interesting considering he is also patron saint of my country, Ireland!


I have five as you can see in my signature, which stems from my devotion to the rosary. Here are my reasons

Pope John Paul II - model for a good priest and a good friend (i want to be a priest one day)

St. Therese - shows me how to do little things with great love

Bl. mother teresa - shows me how to care for the poor and those with less than me.

St. Bosco - shows me how to love all but still let them have their freedom. :wink:

Bl. Fr. Seelos - Shows me how to suffer like Christ for Christ.

Just find a saint that you can relate too, been through the same stuff, or you just feel comfortable with


I was taught (in parochial school) that your Patron Saint… is the saint whose name you were given, at Baptism. My parents, clarified it a little more for me… by telling me that my patron saint is a specific saint (there are several, with my first name). So… I consider the one my parents chose, to be my primary Patron Saint. And I consider myself blessed (and unworthy) to be under the very special patronage of Our Blessed Mother; my middle name is Marie.

That being said… a person can certainly develop and cultivate devotions to any number of saints… for any number of reasons. The Communion of Saints is only ONE of the multitude of treasures in our Catholic faith.

I got this idea from Fr. Groeschel (EWTN)… and I actually have a COMMITTEE of saints who I’ve got praying for me and my family and our needs! I have little pictures of them, lined up on a small book case. I’ve become so devoted to my “committee” that they are all truly like brothers and sisters! :smiley:

God bless.


My patron saints are St. Francis of Asissi and St. Faustina. They were chosen because I like to live simply - I don’t like excess - and I love animals (like St. Francis – our yard is also full of animals, and occasional lost pets), and also St. Faustina because she’s Polish and because of Divine Mercy. Looking back at my Catholic literature collection, two of the first pamphlets I had on saints were from my great aunt. They were St. Francis and Sr. Faustina (before she became a saint). I had forgotten about the pair when I was chosing my patron saints, but both just kept popping up.

If I were to pick a patron saint based on my profession, then it would be St. Isadore (patron saint of computer people - I’m a computer programmer). I think he may have interceeded for us at work, too, once! :smiley:

I also have a personal “committee” of Saints (a personal Liturgy of the Saints). I don’t have little pictures of them, but I could do that.

They are -

Blessed Virgin Mary
St. Michael the Archangel
St. Faustina
St. Francis of Asissi
St. Joan of Arc
St. Therese of Lisieux
St. Teresa of Avila
St. Margaret of Cortona
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
St. Isadore of Seville
St. Dymphna
Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Bl. Kateri
Servent of God John Paul the Great

I might add some more. (maybe some of the other doctors of the church)


My patron saints are;

St Bernadette,
St Therese of the Child Jesus,
St Barbara (That is my middle name),
St Martha (I was born on her feast day),
St Joseph.


I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Carmelites for a long time. One day I was looking at a book about saints. Would you believe that not only is my birthday the day after the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, it’s also the day of The Blessed Martyrs of Compiegne. These martyrs were Carmelite nuns put to death duing the French revolution. So, I guess I could call on a litany of saints myself. Too bad the martyrs aren’t saints.


My Patron Saints are:

Saint Mary
Saint Joseph
Saint Timothy
Saint James
Saint Paul
Saint Ciaran of Clonmacnoise
Saint Ciara of Kilkeary
Saint Patrick
Saint Brigid
Saint Maximilan Kolbe
Saint Pio of Pietrelcina
Saint Francis of Assisi
Saint Gianna Beretta Molla
Blessed Teresa of Calacutta
Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice

Among many others!

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