Finding out this weekend if am accepted to enter Religious Order- PRAYERS NEEDED!

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Am so sorry I haven’t been in touch lately and haven’t used the site- I am a busy person, working for the Arch Diocese and very active in the Parish!

I have been on a Vocational Visit to a Religious Order called the Mercedarian Fathers- I discovered them over a year ago and little by little and after correspondence with the Father Provincial I was invited to spent time with them at the Curia in Madrid and believe very strongly that God is calling me through the Blessed Mother to enter this Religious Community (they are a Marian Community, Our Lady appeared to the founder St. Peter Nolasco in 1218 to ask for an Order devoted to her and God’s Mercy and for the Redemption of Christian Captives).

I have been through a series of interviews with Priests from the Order and with the Vocations Brother, as well as supplying several references- 2 in English and 3 in Spanish and also made my Vocational Visit to 2 of the Communities in Spain. (I can speak fluent Spanish). I believe Our Lady is calling me so strongly to this active Marian Order.

This Friday the Friars are having a general meeting and within a few days afterwards I will know if or not I have been accepted to join the Order and give my life to almighty God as a Religious…going through the formation- starting as a Postulant. I have been “conditionally” accepted but without guarantees and that is why they are having this meeting.

If you could pray for this intention I would be most grateful- especially in the Rosary, if only the world knew the treasures and graces granted through the Rosary. Please pray for me! Despite my failings, sins, temptations and many faults I know the Lord and his Mother are calling me to this- I have known since I was 12!

P.S. I will try to use the site more now!

What a joyous post!!! Congratulations and please don’t worry! Will your vocation be as a Brother or Priest? Praying for you to be fully accepted.:slight_smile:

I’m praying for you! :signofcross:

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