Finding pornography

Quick question:

My girlfriend found porn on her family’s computer; she assumes its her dad’s. Should she delete it and pretend she didn’t see anything, tell her mom, confront her dad?
I’m pretty sure that the scriptures say to first go in quiet to the one who is out of line- but this is a pretty major thing. Furthermore, I don’t know if she would even have the guts to tell her mom let alone confront her dad!
They are a Catholic family. She said she is going to pray about it tonight when she goes to mass and see if the Holy Spirit tells her anything. Any more advice?:confused:

My daughter ran into the same problem with her father. She mentioned it to him what she had found, and he kind of smiled like he was “busted.” Now he goes to great lengths to hide the sites he visits.

It affects her though when she KNOWS the sites he was on, and it changes the way she views him.

I’d suggest she talk to her mother first. Because the father might cover his tracks and deny it. Mom should know in case she’s in the dark. It’s a sign of a bigger problem.

The father owes everyone an apology.

Kids suffer when their parents delude themselves into thinking their sins are “private.”


you said she “assumes” it is her dad’s - is there a chance someone else is using the computer? - a friend, a relative, an overnight guest or other.

An accusation may not be in order if all the circumstances are not known. And let’s not forget the effect of some viruses, adware, pop-ups, etc.

Perhaps a discussion that some family unfriendly files were found by accident and just thought that she would bring it to his attention to make sure it was just a virus, pop-up etc. That way it’s not an accusation, just a friendly reminder that somehow this unwanted stuff was found on the computer and should be removed to protect all those who use it. Good luck.

GOOD POINT! :thumbsup:

I would have reservations about removing someone else’s files without permission and especially without having the right to do so. I don’t think such a right exists here. Perhaps a good line would be, “I’ve found some porn on this computer. Do you want me to delete it?” Or, “may I delete it?” if you want it deleted. It’s a bit of pressure, but I guess it’s well-placed. I don’t think it amounts to extortion.

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