Finding Sponsors of Offensive Shows

Does anyone know how to find out who a show’s sponsors are? I’m sorry I don’t know how to link articles, but The Catholic League’s website discusses a show on The Comedy Network that is truly offensive. It is something like, Lewis Black’s The Root of All Evil, & it sounds like the 1st episode decided that, indeed, the Catholic Church is the root of all evil. It was either the Church or Oprah, & I’m pretty sure we won the title.

I’m just so sick of this from certain shows & networks. Does anyone know how to tell who the main sponsor is? The Catholic League has not mentioned sponsors yet.

I actually caught the tail end of that episode when I tuned into The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Oprah won the title of “The Root of All Evil”, not the Catholic Church.

From what I understand, in each weekly episode Mr. Black is the judge holding a trial and two advocates present a case as to why the other person’s client (in the above example, the Catholic Church vs. Oprah) is “the root of all evil”. It seems rather tedious… I believe the following episode was Donald Trump vs. Viagra.

I wouldn’t make too much of this show. It is typical Comedy Central trash.

Parents Television Council

Very active and very successful.

Thanks, Dale_M, I appreciate another perspective, because I had only read the Catholic League’s depiction. It sounded bad, but I get a little too upset sometime. There is something to be said for not making too much of a fuss over some things. Your description makes it sound like it won’t be around long…:rolleyes:

Thanks for the link, buffalo. I will definitely use the website!

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