Finding the right surgeon


please pray i will find the surgeon to do a partial dicectomy on me

so far no one feels comfortable because of my weight

i will otherwise soon be unable to walk at all

the disc is impinged on my spinal cord and S1 nerve root

i am giving up all hope

please pray for a full physical/mental healing

and that i fall right asleep tonight

i promise to pray fervently for all who pray for me

i don’t want to give up

thank you



If there is any surgeon who believes they have the skill for this operation, God grant it will be so


Still praying for you, Vito. :gopray2:

May the Holy Spirit now direct you to the surgeon who can do the proceedure, for you.
Do not give up ! Things WILL get better, for you (no matter how it might seem, right now).
May our Lord give you the strength & peace, to continue to hang in there.

God’s Blessings. :signofcross:


Vito,you are in my prayer


prayers promised


Vito, I will be praying for you. Don’t give up hope!


Still praying!


Still keeping you in my prayer intentions.

Do not give up hope. Keep praying. Turn to Mary and say the hail mary each and everytime you feel hopeless. Say the Rosary. We all are praying for you.



Joining in prayer for your needs.


Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee
Blessed art thou among women
and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus
Holy Mary mohter of God
Pray for us sinners now and at the hour
of our death.


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