Finding the right vocation?


It’s weird I feel called to both vocations, (Marital and the sisterhood) but when I imagine myself in both lives, Marital makes me the happiest and thinking about the sisterhood makes me a little sad because I love the thought of a family ( but I can’t imagine finding a practicing catholic young man to marry. all the young guys that I know, want to enter the priesthood :frowning: and I love the thought of giving my all to God as a nun. Any advice? Thanks and God Bless! :slight_smile:


It seems, at the moment, you are in an indecisive place. The thought of marriage brings you happiness, while the thought of “giving my all to God as a nun” is a very attractive thought. You need this indecision to clarify and it will take much prayer and also perhaps spiritual direction.
Certainly, of the two vocations you have mentioned, theologically and objectively speaking, religious life is the superior - The Lord does not grant an attraction to this life to every person and so, to my mind, there is something of a necessity for you to thoroughly investigate religious life. You could do this by contacting religious orders to which you do feel some attraction. There is no necessity nowadays for you to be under any obligation whatsoever to enter that way of life. It may be that in the process of investigating religious life more thoroughly, your indecision will clarify and you will know more clearly to which vocation you are being drawn (through attraction) by The Lord: marriage or religious life.


Religious orders also have come and sees, retreats and special events that are directed towards those who are considering the religious life. You can also go on dates, hang out with friends and see what happens. I have been told these days most people in the religious orders have dated a bit before they made their final decisions.


If it were me and because the gift of a religious vocation is not a common one and a very great gift indeed, I would hold the dating etc. and look right into religious life first and as a prime focused look. Although, this is only me.


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