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Hi everyone,

I really need some good sound advice and council on this one.

My wife invited me to attend a group meeting at her church called the Truth Project.

The web site address that was referenced is

One of the MAJOR impediments to our relationship is the fact that I am a born again Catholic, after much research and prayer have concluded the Catholic Chuch contains the fullness of Truth, and that the Eucharist is really and truly the real presence of Jesus.

I have been suggesting that my wife, who knows the Bible very well, ask but three questions. 1. Is doctrine important from a Biblical perspective., 2. Prayerfully study John 6, and if doctrine is not important - what is the authority for the doctrine(s) that are followed individually or corporately.

From the standpoint of our strained relationship, and a need to try and witness to my family - I believe that I should attend atleast the first meeting of the truth project at my wife’s church But…I could use any advice or suggestions on the subject.

Their first meeting is this Sunday

God Bless You All for your advise.


I will speak from 22 years of experience of a Roman Catholic -non Roman Catholic relationship with 19 years of marriage that has produced 5 Children.

We have never argued about our faith. In the essential unity, non-essential liberty and in all things charity. Remember that first. Second, preach the gospel and if needed use words…great advice from St Francis.

Respect each other, no you do not have to agree, but respect your wife. Stop actively trying to covert her or show her she is wrong. Live your faith daily, let her see how you live. The natural course will have you engaging in questions about each others beliefs. Ask her about her beliefs. Not to prove her wrong, but to understand and show her some respect. Being aggressive in trying to prove her wrong will only make her defensive.
As to witnessing to your family? Are they non christian? If they are Christian and you are “witnessing” to them, why? Witnessing implys they do not have the salvation of Christ. If you mean proving the RCC is the right church over theirs…stop. You are only going to drive them away and give them a very bad view of the RCC.

This will go a long way to easing the strained relationship.

The same advice goes to your family. Respect their beliefs and live yours. My family, parents etc, have many misconception about Catholicism and Anglicanism. Being they are fundamentalist in a methodist church…only reason in the methodist church is it is the one in town where all the rich and powerful attend…hence why my parents are there.
My wife and I have lived our faith without preaching. They have asked questions…they now know the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches do not worship Mary and are not praying to statues. Some misconceptions have been erased, some remain.

As to the truth project. I have gone through the 12 week course. It presents a good biblical world view. I attended with Catholics and non catholics. No one found anything offensive and all came away with a better understanding of a biblical world view and the forces in our culture who are changing the view of the church from God centered to man centered. Ministers, to include RCC Priests, are interviewed. I am partnering with a local PCA church to conduct a class this fall on the local university campus. I would suggest attending all 12 weeks. You will learn about yourself, the culture and also what fellow Christians believe.



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