Finding your calling?

How did you find your calling? I am good at my job but I don’t love it. I don’t feel passionate and I know I am not doing what I should be. I’m becoming restless and want so much more and know that with my talents I could do so much more. How do you find what it is God wants you to be doing? Also, what type of vocations in the Catholic Church are there for women, not many, I don’t think?

Welcome to the Catholic Church! I came in through the RCIA on April 7th 2012. :slight_smile:

I too am trying to discern my calling in life and how I can use my talents to serve the Lord. I have several interests ranging from being a teacher of religious education, to being a ordained deacon in the Church. But I think I let my zeal and desire get in the way from me just listening to God and letting Him tell me what He wants me to do. Good luck to you!

I got married and got pregnant.


Pray to know God’s will for your life. Many are not called to work in the Catholic Church. That doesn’t mean that your vocation is less of a calling. I believe that I am doing what God wants me to do right now in my life. I haven’t always thought that, during those times I knew I needed to keep searching to get to what was right for me.
By the way, I love your choice for your Confirmation name!
Blessings to you,
RC :slight_smile:

Thanks all.
I love being a mother, but unfortunately, I have to work outside the home. I knew their wouldn’t be a whole lot of options in the Church. I just don’t know how to take all my skills, passions…etc and fit them into a position I will love! I wish their was a formula for this!!lol

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