Finished Genesis, now what


I just finished reading the Book of Genesis. I read that book first simply because it is the first book in the Bible, and I wanted to get the history of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, etc…

Is it best to read the following Books, or do you think it would be okay if I jumped around?


You may jump if you wish. :bounce:


Keep going, but there’s a lot of history to go until you get to the wisdom books and the prophets, and you can probably just skip over Exodus 22 to the end of Leviticus and come back there until a later time. I would throw in some of the wisdom books and prophets along the way, like Job and Isaiah.


I was determined to read it all through from front to back while on vacation and I was glad I did. I feel I have a better sense overall perspective of the bible that way by coming to know what the ancients went through.


Here’s a really popular reading guide, if you want to get through the whole thing. link (It’s the Coming Home Network’s 1-year plan)

Or if you want assorted books:
*Exodus 1-20, maybe as far as 25
*1&2 Samuel
*2 Chronicles (the digest version of Kings)
*Luke and Acts
*1 Chronicles

(That should cover it fairly well)


Jumping around is fine. In fact you could start with say Mathew and then as your reading look up references made to other scripture within Mathew. That way you can link different book with others. You can also simply read at random. You will find that scripture will “speak to you” in different ways throughout your life. There is no real need to read the books of bible in order.

As you become more familiar with scripture you will find that some passages are something you go back to often. Take notes when you find something that really grabs your attention and start to memorize specific scriptures you find helpful or comforting. You can do this your whole life and never get enough.


I’d recommend Luke as a single synoptic Gospel. Better account of everything leading up to the Nativity, and it leads into Acts the best, being by the same guy and all.


The whole Pentateuch is important, even if Exodus can be a bit of a slog.


I would suggest, proceed to Exodus, then jump to Numbers, and read on through Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel through Kings, then Ezra and Nehemiah, then 1 and 2 Maccabees. Then go through Luke (and Mark and Matthew to fill in the gaps), and the Acts of the Apostles.

This way, you get the Bible as a narrative and you don’t get stuck in long lists of names, statistics and ceremonial.

However, when you get the chance, I would suggest incorporating the Psalms in your regular prayer life (not as part of the narrative).


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