Fiorina apparently ambushed some children today and led them to a pro-life convention


*Carly Fiorina has been accused of “ambushing” a group of children, after she ushered pre-schoolers, who were on a field trip to a botanical garden, into an anti-abortion rally in Des Moines.

On Wednesday, the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive embarked on a day of campaigning across Iowa, in an attempt to boost her ailing presidential campaign.

The alleged ambush occurred when Fiorina hosted a “right to life” forum at the Greater Des Moines botanical garden. Entering the rally, before a crowd of about 60 people, she directed around 15 young children towards a makeshift stage.

The problem, one parent said, was that the children’s parents had not given Fiorina permission to have their children sit with her – in front of a huge banner bearing the image of an unborn foetus – while she talked about harvesting organs from aborted babies.

“The kids went there to see the plants,” said Chris Beck, the father of four-year-old Chatham, one of the children Fiorina appeared with. “She ambushed my son’s field trip.”*

Now I’m strongly pro-life, but seriously? Even I feel uncomfortable about the idea of randomly leading unaware children into this type of thing, even if it is for a great cause.


Sarah Isgur Flores, a spokeswoman for the Fiorina campaign, told LifeNews that Fiorina regularly has children attend her speaking events.
“In Des Moines yesterday, a group of preschoolers along with their parents and teachers followed Carly right into the event she was speaking at for Iowa Right to Life. Earlier, she’d run into the kids in the Botanical Gardens and watched the Koi with them for a while,” Flores said. “I guess the kids must have thought she was pretty neat because then their teachers and parents and the kids all followed Carly into the event complete with Carly stickers.”
While Fiorina often speaks about abortion and Planned Parenthood selling aborted babies’ body parts, she does not appear to have exposed the preschool children to information that some might consider too graphic. According to the report, Fiorina spoke about abortion and showed the model of a 4-month unborn baby sucking its thumb.
“This is the face of abortion,” Fiorina told the crowd, as she stood behind a banner with the photo of a 5-month unborn baby in the womb.

According to the campaign spokeswomen, the children etc. appear to have followed Carly Fiorina into the event she was holding, and presumably they didn’t know what the event was about, but the Guardian makes it appear as if Carly Fiorina herself led the children into the event. Two different versions of the event.


So is this a case of kidnapping, some parent wanting to make the news, or typical campaign mudslinging? Of the three choices, which is* least *likely.


How about a really bonehead move by a politico leaving a lot to be desired?


MSNBC includes two versions of the story:

Giving Fiorina the benefit of the doubt that she didn’t* lead* them in…
It seems the fault is shared…by Fiorina, her handlers, and also the children’s supervisor.

If the kids did indeed wander in and follow Fiorina on their own, the supervisor should not have allowed it and stopped it. She’s supposed to be watching over them!

Once inside…Fiorina and her handlers should have had the sense to usher them out…or at the very least make sure they are not seated prominently in front of a banner–some reports said they were in the first row. Looks like everyone had plenty of time to take the kids out.

It wasn’t right that she talk about abortion in front of these children without their parents consent. She knew they were there.
These are pre-schoolers! Their parents may have not even explained to their children yet where babies come from yet!

I’m curious to know exactly what and how much the children heard.



None of the above.

But if I had to pick the *least *likely of the choices you offer, it would be a parent trying to make the news.



This class trip seems to not have been organized and chaperoned very well if 4 year olds could follow a stranger to the wrong place.


As these kids are in American schools, at worst, Fiorina would be responsible for the least amount of propagandizing these kids will receive in a day.


I hope they heard that in our great country it is permissible to pay someone to kill your unborn child. Perhaps it would cause them to ask their parents some tough questions.


Yes, indeed, two different versions. Why are some so willing to ascribe evil motives to someone when they were not there? I am not a Fiorina supporter, but where were the chaperons and parents of these children? Have they so little control?


If you just screwed up as supervisor, what story would YOU be telling the media?

Where were the mommas with the video recorders (or the press photogs) when this happened. Very muddy waters here…


They were 4 years old.

Abortion is evil. A four year old should be protected from this information. What’s wrong with innocence at that age? It would be different if they were in 4th grade.


I disagree. I feel that’s too young of an age for them to hear about this.


They’re Republicans, therefore, automatic evil.

I am not a Fiorina supporter, but where were the chaperons and parents of these children?

Good question, but in our society, it’s always someone else’s fault.

Have they so little control?

Yes, unfortunately.


Well, I vote for Fiorina as potentially least at fault. she has to rely on others to make arrangements, and she does follows the plan for her. She may have been surprised to see the children but assumed someone else had arranged for them to be there.

Most certainly those in charge of the children should have been keeping a better eye on them!


They are too young to hear any of this.

What if she was of the opposing view?
Would you want your four-year-old to be given a talk by an authority figure you don’t know–without your knowledge or consent or supervision–about birth control and how safe and good it is?

Just because one agrees with her position, it still isn’t right that a four-year-old should be exposed to it during a class field trip.



I didn’t say if it was right or wrong. I said: “As these kids are in American schools, at worst, Fiorina would be responsible for the least amount of propagandizing these kids will receive in a day.”


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