Fiorina Won’t Make Next Republican Debate


Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina didn’t make the cut for Saturday’s Republican debate, ABC News announced Thursday.

In recent days, Fiorina mounted a public lobbying effort to get invited to the debate, which will be held just hours before polls close in New Hampshire.

Under ABC’s criteria, invites would only go to candidates who finished in the top three in Iowa or placed in the top six in averages of national polls or New Hampshire polls. Fiorina placed seventh in the Iowa caucuses and held the same position in the most recent RealClearPolitics averages of national and Granite State polls.

A similar effort had previously worked for Fiorina, when she successfully lobbied CNN and the Republican National Committee to change the rules for a September debate to allow her onstage.

Fiorina and Gilmore are the only two candidates who didn’t meet the criteria. There is no undercard debate this time.


That’s a shame.

She is a strong debater that is not afraid to mix it up as we have seen. She needs to be on that stage to get any traction. I also think she is the best female candidate for President we ever had.

This will likely be the end for her…


Maybe she will get the hint.


I don’t really like Fiorina’s personality that much, it kinda rubs me the wrong way.

For female politicians, I feel Nikki Haley could be a strong candidate one day. Maybe even VP for the eventual nominee this year.


Bolding mine :thumbsup:


I think the enthusiasm for her cooled a bit when people had a chance to see what an uneven record (or a just plain bad one) she had at Hewlett Packard before she was fired.


She didn’t make the cut because it’s obvious she’s not a viable candidate.

I’ll paraphrase Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction,

She came close, but she never made it; if she were gonna make it, she would’ve made it before that.


I’d be ok if she were there. As she argues she finished ahead of Christie and Kasich in IA except NH isn’t IA. And the field has narrowed so I’m guessing there would be room for another podium on the stage. But I’m not really sure it matters either way. In a poll the other day she was tied with Christie at only 4% with Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, Bush all in double digits ahead of her. Realistically there aren’t that many tickets out of NH. Cruz, the winner of IA, is one. The winner of NH will be another. I suppose the 2nd place finisher in NH. Perhaps the 3rd place finisher will still think he has a shot. So I’m not sure 1 more debate appearance would allow her the opportunity to leapfrog the necessary number of candidates to get a ticket out of NH anyway at this stage in the game. She had what many called a strong showing at the “kid’s table” very early on. Trump attacked her looks at some point and if I’m not mistaken she was given the opportunity at the main table in the next debate and seemed to get decent reviews if I’m not mistaken. But even with all of that, then something happened, I’m not sure what. But she plummetted. Maybe Tomarin is onto something as to her dive.


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