It is simple, ESPN has a well known anti-catholic bigot named Dana Jacobson. Since, they are not firing her for her bigotted remarks, then if you are truly a christian then you should fire ESPN.

Matthew 6:24
"No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and Money.

Yeah, it is that simple either one loves ESPN or one loves Jesus.

First off, I believe that you have posted this in the wrong forum. I think that it needs to be moved to the Popular Media forum.

And second, I don’t believe that she was making a comment about Catholicism or Christianity in her drunken comments. I believe she was talking about the private university in Indiana and its numerous football traditions and landmarks. I applaud ESPN for acknowledging the sensitive nature of the comments and placing Jacobsen on a suspension. I think that is sufficient. She also posted an apology for her comments.

In case there are people out there unaware of the situation, ESPN anchor Dana Jacobsen, speaking while drunk at a roast for the hosts of Mike and Mike in the Morning, blurted out “F— Touchdown Jesus, F— Notre Dame” in the direction of MIke Golic, a Notre Dame graduate. Jacobsen is a Michigan grad and there is a long-held rivalry between the two Midwest schools. It wasn’t an attack on the Church or the faith; it was an attack against a rival college football team.

LET"S GO IRISH!! :irish3:

Did she say anything against Catholics, or Christianity in general? I am glad you are passionate about it, but it was one drunken anchor, not the entire network. You can’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch.


Had Ms. Jacobson’s comments been limited to what you report, I would agree with your assessment that it was an attack against a rival college football team. You missed one comment when in fact it has been reported that she said, F— Notre Dame. F— Touchdown Jesus. F— Jesus. So in point of contradiction, it was indeed an attack on the Church or the faith. Being drunk doesn’t excuse you from driving while intoxicated. Being drunk doesn’t excuse you from making heretical statements or insulting an entire religious group. :frowning:

I’ve not watched any of the ESPN programmings in a thousand years. So, I’m in with thee boycott.

I apologize that I did not cover the entirety of her comments. I guess I had bad information. After doing more research, I agree that her comment, the “F” bomb on Jesus, was wholly inappropiate and she should face the circumstances. But I also agree that you shouldn’t eliminate watching ESPN because of her. I would hate to miss all 6000 hours of coverage of the 2007 World Series of Poker (that’s a joke!); but seriously, I need my SportsCenter (da-duh-da, da-duh-da.) I will definitely pray for her, asking that the Holy Spirit grace her with a little compassion and forethought.

Is it me, or are sportsanchors getting a little too cavalier with their comments? From the Golf Channel anchor’s comments to lynch Tiger Woods, to Jacobsen’s comments, I think that there should be a little more censorship by the networks.

And while each of us has to respond as we see appropriate, I for one have already written to ESPN and Disney (ESPN’s parent corporation) and informed them they will not get any of my time or money until they terminate Ms. Jacobson. I think if the networks responded like this, the anchors would censor themselves.

My only issue with it all is that if she had said "F Muhammid"he would have been fired as the sentence ended. Either she can say such filth about all religions or she cannot.

I agree. She should be subjected to the same censure and punishment as Mel Gibson was.

Well, since ESPN belongs to ABC which belongs to Disney, I guess we can’t expect much better from them. :frowning:

that’s an assumption. we don’t know that for sure.

we live in a country where people are allowed to say anything they want (see the thread about westboro baptist church). if that is what she thinks of Jesus, Christians “uniting” to boycott her network and get her fired is not going to change her thinking… rather it will solidify it.

why can’t we just say “we forgive you”? Jesus said that to the men who nailed Him to the cross. i think we can say that to those who speak foolishly about our Lord. if Jesus really wanted action to be taken, i think He could take it Himself.

So according to your logic we should never take any actions about anything because as you say above, “if Jesus really wanted action to be taken, i think He could take it Himself.” :rolleyes:

not exactly…

i did suggest an action, forgiveness. that is the action Jesus gave us to do. He never says we should defend Him. in fact, “vengeance is mine says the Lord”. she has apologized, Christians should forgive her.

now i’ll roll my eyes back at you :rolleyes:

And had you left it at that, I wouldn’t have responded as I did. Actually, I wouldn’t have responded at all. I certainly respect your opinion as absolutely viable; mine just happens to be different.

The certainly crucified Mel Gibsoon (no pun intended) when he went on a drunken rant against Jews, didn’t they…

You could defend laying down in the street and waiting for cars to run you over with that “Jesus will take care us this” attitude.

Why do anything? Why pray for an end to abortion? let Jesus handle it. Why stop someone from trying to kill another person? Let Jesus hanlde. Why call the police when someone breaks into your home? Let Jesus handle.

We are instruments of Christ’s peace, and those instruments are vital. A laissez faire attitude is what has led to overruning of Europe by Islam in the past 50 years.

Complete faith in God is not license to hold one’s breath with the assurance that one won’t suffocate.


it is an assumption, but one that I feel safe about making. The reason is two fold. First, Muslims would be protesting like nobody’s business. Second, some one be scared of the nuts out there who might actually do someone physical harm.

I hold no ill will to her. I think that ESPN should decide, for themselves, if he behavior as a whole (including the drukenness) was enough to merit punishment. I will not call for her termination or anything like that. That said, I still say that we need equity in these matters. Why is Christianity an acceptable group to pick on and other faiths are not?

and that is not at all what i said. you even misquoted me. i didn’t say “Jesus will take care of us in this” i said Jesus can defend Himself. there is a difference. i never said not to defend some one else.

to answer “why pray to end abortion”, don’t you see that that is asking Jesus to act. if you were trying to end abortion (instead of trusting Jesus to answer your prayers) you would bomb abortion clinics, kill abortion doctors, and literally tackle women on their way into the clinic. you don’t do that though (i hope lol).

of course we are called to defend. we are never called to attack (except the gates of hell). i also would say we are not called to defend ourselves. we are called to defend others, but our own lives belong to God. none of the martyrs tried to defend themselves.

the reason europe is overrun by the influence of islam is not because of a lack of “crusading” by Christians, it’s because of a failure of Christians to love.

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