Firebombings at Homes of 2 California Researchers

Firebombings at Homes of 2 California Researchers

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — The police and federal authorities are investigating firebombings at the homes of two researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

  The attacks, which the university described as “antiscience violence,” occurred nearly simultaneously before dawn on Saturday, just days after the police in Santa Cruz discovered pamphlets in a coffee shop warning of attacks against “animal abusers everywhere.” The pamphlets included the names, addresses and other personal information of several researchers at the university, according to a news release put out on Friday by the university.

About 5:30 a.m. Saturday, two small bombs ignited outside the researchers’ homes. In one of the attacks, a vehicle was destroyed in a faculty member’s driveway. At the second residence, a two-story home near the university’s front gates, the fire forced the researcher, his wife and two children to flee the home from an upstairs window. The fires were quickly extinguished.

One minor injury was reported, according to The Santa Cruz Sentinel, which also said the police were viewing the attacks as acts of attempted homicide and domestic terrorism. The Santa Cruz Police Department would not comment on their investigation on Sunday.
But the researcher whose house caught fire was identified by The Associated Press as David Feldheim, a molecular biologist, who was listed in the pamphlet. The other researcher was not identified.

Looks like these groups have taken a big step from protest & harassment to major felonies.

A home-grown terrorist is still a terrorist…if they catch them a tour of GITMO is in order.

The link in my original post doesn’t work, use this one:

Looks like someone took “Expelled” seriously after all.

I think this is similar to those who bomb abortion clinics. It only ends up hurting the cause.

Of course. But these guys are the “true believers” who have a special brand of hate for those who love animals/value life, but don’t join them in their terrorism.

And they do untold damage to the causes they claim to support.

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