Fired for being a "religious bigot"

Telling someone they are going to Hell is not the Catholic way. Jesus never told anyone they were going to hell… It is stated in the Book of James that we should work out our salvation with fear and trembling…And to those people who think that Catholics aren’t Christinas …I wouldnt even bother worrying about that. If one really investigates, one would know that the first Christian Church is the Catholic Church. It is apostolic…If they choose to believe what they want to believe, that is not my problem. I would rather pray for them than engage in a debate that won’t go anywhere…

I find that some Catholics/christians are so obnoxious about they way they present and share their beliefs that I have to stay away from them. Even though we hold some common beliefs!! If I had a dog sitter who was like some of my previous facebook friends who were obnoxious I would get a new dog sitter. It all depends on the presentation. Seriously, my atheist friends on facebook were kinder than all the Catholic ones I unfriended or don’t follow.

Same with you niece, regardless of faith or no faith I would not follow someone on facebook who was so negatively aggressive. If someone were vehemently prochoice and kept voicing their beliefs to me I would avoid them and fire them if they were my dog sitter. Same with obnoxious Catholics. I just have to avoid the negativity and the drama.

In work places people are expected to be reasonable. I would not be spouting all my theological beliefs at work. Nor would I want to hear unwelcome rants from my coworkers. Again, it is all in how you present yourself. If love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, compassion and self control are not your primary traits then it is good to rethink the way you are sharing your beliefs

So, all you actually know is the very first sentence – that your niece said she fired her dogsitter for being “a religious bigot.” You don’ t know what happened to cause this; you don’t know what, if anything, the dogsitter may have done that brought this on.

Is that really enough to go on, to be criticizing your niece, and have people here calling her a bigot? Without even bothering to ask her what happened?

Nice way to treat family.

I doubt that the dog really cared what the opinions of the dog sitter are on gay marriage or on abortion.

It’s an odd and self feeding dynamic that there has been a lot of bigotry practiced in the name of religion, which in turn has been a seed for reactionary bigotry against religious people. Top that with the age old practice of one religious group practicing bigotry against another. There is certainly enough bigotry to go around, religiously motivated, or otherwise motivated.

One observation about bigotry, is that the most bigoted people will even complain when those whom they are persecuting complain about the persecution. This has been seen repeatedly in the civil rights movement, and sometimes to line is gray. For example, is it a denial of women’s reproductive rights to deny them contraception, or is it an infringement on religious freedoms to require a religious employer to pay for that contraception. The answer is that both claims have merit, and that neither are being treated unfairly, but that it is a difficult balancing act to manage.

I would ask your niece just what this person’s religious beliefs had to do with the ability to care for the dog? Then I would ask her if perhaps she might have been acting in a bigoted way, by firing someone for reasons not related to job performance? Was your niece’s behavior not an example of bigotry?

If Christian bakers and florists have to service so-called gay “marriage” ceremonies, then by such logic this customer has a strong legal case against your niece.

Surprisingly I have no problem with what your niece did. You should be able to hire or fire a dogsitter for any reason you deem fit. I certainly do not like the reasons she used to “fire” her, but I sense there was probably more to it than that. But turnabout is fair play, I would like to be able to “fire” a dogsitter if I found them extremely unpleasant or obnoxious. If they came in talking of things I do not believe or find objectionable.

We don’t know this at all.
The OP said the niece’s hot-spot issues are abortion and same-sex marriage.
These issues are not necessarily religion-related. An Atheist can be against legal abortion and legal same-sex marriage and a religious person could be supportive of both.
The OP didn’t mention at all that the dog-sitter was affiliated with a religion (but i haven’t read all the posts yet, so maybe she does after…).
So far, all we know is that they have different opinions on those two issues and we have no idea if either of them are linked to a religion or not.

If the dogsitter is indeed an intolerant bigot and said hurtful things…I think one can, yes, be fired from a work place in that case.


If the dogsitter is indeed an intolerant bigot and said hurtful things…I think one can, yes, be fired from a work place in that case.

By not when he/she practices o-called gay “marriage” and signs a contract with a morality clause to teach in a private school?


Well, what I can say is that how the free market is supposed to work.

I don’t agree with those reasons, either, but if Catholic schools have to hire people romantically involved who live together without a valid marriage and if Christian bakeries have to service weddings they disagree with, then by that logic this dogsitter is being unlawfully discriminated against has a legal case.

I have always been of the opinion that an employer should be able to fire an employee for any reason they deem appropriate.


That sounds like “termination relativism”.


Haha. Yes maybe it is. But I have always identified more with being an employer not an employee. And especially in a private business relationship you should be able to choose who you give money to for a service!

How about age?
How about religious beliefs?
How about gender?
How about sexual orientation?
How about skin color?

I know someone who is extremely bright and well educated. His MBA was from the most prestigious school in the country for his area of work. He was hired by a hotel chain out of New York. Marriott acquired the property he was working at in the 1980’s. The let him keep his job with a demotion. They allowed him to be a banquets bus boy, provided he could demonstrate that he knew how to bus a table. They actually set up a table and asked him to demonstrate for them. I’m not sure if the Mormon Church was still teaching that one’s skin would whiten as one continued to practice Mormonism at that time.

So, he left and went to work as a financial analyst elsewhere.

Would you say that Marriott was within their rights to treat him that way, due to the color of his skin?

This is a little off-topic, but I don’t understand the preference for lighter skin. Why is darker skin considered a bad thing? I think dark skin is very pretty! I’m golden-olive, from being Italian. I know real racism has existed, and still does, and that is wrong and doesn’t make sense.

Well, call it that if you want even if it’s not quite on part with what is meant.

But I’ll take people making decisions about their own lives over the government doing it for them.

Even if it hurts feelings. :bighanky:

I think that if I have a dog, and that dog needs to be dog sat, and I have formal or informal agreement with a person to do it for say 20 dollars a week, that I should be able to terminate that relationship at any time for any reason. And yes that includes if I don’t like the way the person’s breath smells, the color they are wearing or if they are a racist neonazi, or if they are members of ISIS.

Why should I be held to the slavery of forcing my money to go into the pocket of someone I just don’t like week after week?
Do you feel that the Church should be made to hire Masons as priests? Or, if you owned a business and found out that your employee was a member of ISIS or a proponent of a movement to change laws to make child sex legal that you could not fire them from your own personal employment? Those are just religious or political beliefs…

I’m not sure if that goes quite to the question he asked. No question you can terminate an employee no longer needed, or not doing the job to your expectations.

But if the employer hires a person, perhaps pursuant to a phone interview, then discovers on the day they turn up for work that they are black, is it ok to fire the person immediately because his skin colour does not meet with the employer’s approval? Is this morally ok? Ought it to be legally ok?

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