Fired state workers accuse their boss of religious harassment

This I find truly odd:

"COLUMBUS, Ohio - A trio of employees say they were abruptly fired by the head of a legislative advisory agency in retaliation for objecting to her attempts to force her Christian beliefs on them.

All three employees of the Workers’ Compensation Council – executive assistant Stephanie Irwin and staff attorneys Kim Finley and Shadya Yazback – are fighting back after being fired on Feb. 16 – just days after approaching executive director Virginia McInerney collectively seeking a separation agreement…

The women’s letters charge that McInerney declared to the staff that she was sent by God to her job, she wanted God to permeate the workplace, and Satan was to blame for obstacles the staff encountered in their jobs. She inquired about their religious beliefs, called them in to pray aloud, cited scripture in her reprimands and asked Irwin to listen to CDs of sermons and take notes on them, they say. "

I worked with someone like this, they would just come up with these conversations during a meeting. We would all just look puzzled.

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