Firefly & Serenity upcoming airings!

For those of you who are Sci-Fi fans, there are a couple of upcoming events you may not want to miss.

UniversalHD channel will begin airing FIREFLY episodes in High Definition starting this Saturday (July 28) and every Saturday. Check your listings, but I believe it will be at 8 or 9 pm Eastern time.

Also, there will be a FIREFLY MARATHON on the Sci-Fi Channel beginning at 8am and running all day on August 10.

For those who don’t know the story line, it is a space-western set in the future and basically revolves around a captain and crew who are trying to get through life. The captain’s story is one of a search for redemption while trying to ignore God. The crew is full of disparate characters that include a prostitute who prays, a Minister who left the Southdown Abbey to walk among the people (wears a collar but is not identified with any particular Church), a mercinary, a doctor and his seriously troubled sister, and a few others.

Thanks for the heads up, I keep trying to get into this show, the monk is, if I’m correct, played by Ron Glass from Barney Miller. I think he’s great and in fact I like the whole cast. I am also very intrigued by the whole “what’s with the sister?” story line. And I keep meeting people who LOVED the show.

I, myself am a HUGE Farscpe fan and I was still reeling from the premature cancellation of that when Scifi also dicontinued Stargate SG1. I know they have alot on their plate but, they keep letting me down. Getting into another show with a premature ending will be tough ( I remember shows like “Now and Again” and “Invisible Man” and the list goes on )

It did take me some time to get into Stargate and I put it #2 behind Farscape, the greatest show ever, so perhaps I will try again in August.

Thanks Again and God Bless,

Yes, you are correct. Ron Glass plays Shepard Derrial Book of the Southdown

He is an awesome actor and some of the episodes have great interchanges. In fact one of the best exchanges in the series is between Shepard Book and River Tam (River is the troubled sister).

Book walks into kitchen area of the ship and sees River cutting out parts of his bible and re-sequencing it into order. After getting over some initial shock, they enter a short discussion and **Book says:**It’s not about… making sense.

  • It’s about believing in something.*
  • And letting that belief be real enough to change your life.*
  • It’s about faith.*
  • You don’t fix faith, River. It fixes you.*

That was hardly premature–Stargate had a run of what? Nine years? I felt like it kept going and going and going, and was out-competing better shows (like Farscape, though I haven’t had much chance to get into it because of the cancellation) for reasons I have never been able to understand.


Haha Edwin,

You’re kindof right, I was laughing at myself when I called the stargate ending premature because of its 10 year run, some 230 episodes. The reason I call it premature though, is that when they found out scifi wasn’t planning to renew they didn’t have nearly enough time to resolve the situation they were in and left it very open ended.

They show Farscape on nbc at 1am here (Rochester, NY), hopefully other markets have a similar showing. Though I’ll admit some viewers may need to “muscle” through the first season.

What I’m most interested to see, is if Serenity does a good job of leaving the show in a good place. I think the Farscape movie did ok, but I like epic tales

God Bless you too Edwin,

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