Firing My Doctor


I have to get a new doctor…

I am just so steamed about this.

I went to the doctor yesterday morning because I have strep throat and I needed to see the doc to get the prescription to make me better.

I had strep about 2 months ago and my doc remembered. He asked how I was getting sick so much, so I told him that my oldest just had strep a week ago.

He actually told me that maybe I should find someone else to take care of the kids when they are sick and I should stay as far away from them as possible! :mad: :eek:

I am so mad! I cannot believe this. My kids need me and want me the most when they are sick. So, needless to say, I am firing my doctor and looking for a new one.


Good grief, SOMEBODY has to look after your kids, and if you don’t, than someone else will risk getting sick! Why shouldn’t it be you, since they’re YOUR kids? Why should the responsibility fall to someone else? 0.o Yes, get a new doctor, and soon!


Tell him that’s a great idea, and then when the caregiver gets sick, they will go to their doctor, which is probably NOT him, and he will lose lots of money.
Should clear that right up. Moran.
Anyways, no kids here, but I understand your frustration just the same. Like you’d want someone else caring for your kids when their sick, or if they’d let you!
Not to mention that finding someone else to care for your children is almost impossible. Who wants someones sick kids in their house getting their family sick? Again, Moran.


Just because someone manages to pass medical school does not automatically grant them any common sense. :rolleyes: I agree–new doc time.


Without judging the situation, we all find it easier to communicate with some people than with others. It is important, especially when one has small children, to be able to communicate clearly with your doctor and to have confidence in him. So, definitely find a doctor who is a better match.

I had to do that with a cardiologist. I like lots of details, and he thought I was questioning his ability. He turned me over to one of his partners, and we do fine.


He just told you what he thinks is best for your health, that’s his job.


Is it possible it was a joke in poor taste? You certainly have the option of changing doctors and if you feel you should, then by all means do it.


That’s what I was thinking. Any person in their right mind would have to be joking to say something like that. :shrug:


Are you sure he wasn’t being sarcastic?


I think you should fire your doctor. I have 5 kids and when they
were young, they got strep quite often until…my pediatrician told
me that someone in the family was a carrier or someone who had
contact with us on a daily basis. At the time, I did not have any
housekeeper or the like, so that narrowed it down to the family.
We all got our throats cultured, mom, dad, kids and guess what.
The only child who had no symptoms was the carrier!
After she was treated, we had no more “rounds” of streps. (As
in it kept coming “round” every 5 or 6 weeks.)
If it had continued in my “carrier” daughter, strep might have
settled in her heart, or kidney or other fatty organs. She is a
very healthy young lady, thank God. I was sorry that he was a
pediatrician, I would have loved to have him as a family doctor.


I wish he was, but I flat out asked him, “You’re joking right?” He said, “No, kids really should be required to be kept in space suits or something to prevent so many germs from spreading!” :eek:

I really felt like he was trying to communicate to me what a burden children are on today’s society. This isn’t the first time either.

When dh and I decided to TTC for our third, I went in for a physical first. My doc asked why I wanted a check up (besides it being my yearly check up anyways :rolleyes: ) and I told him that dh and I wanted to have another baby. He said, “Are you sure? Don’t you have enough kids already? Have you really thought about this?”

I just hate living in a culture where so many people see children as a burden. I guess this is really just a lot of long pent up frustrations. I am 24 years old. I know a few people my age and younger who have young children. Out of all of these people, I am the only one who doesn’t dump my kids with sitters every weekend so I can go out and hit the clubs. I understand that everyone has different parenting skills and approaches, but I hate being admonished for “giving up my life” when really I am just diverting my energy towards my kids and raising them.

It isn’t fair. I am doing the best I can. I am happy and content with my life right now and I wouldn’t change things for anything. There was a segment on the radio recently where it said that today’s generation of parents have the attitude that children should learn to adapt to the parents’ lives, not the other way around, because parents where around first. I’m just not built that way and nobody can seem to understand that.

Okay, rant done. :stuck_out_tongue:


“Are you sure? Don’t you have enough kids? Have you thought about this?”

Hold on a minute while TC2 goes and has a fit…

Okay, back now. I can see the above statement being made if you have some kind of medical problem that pregnancy would interfere with, (including depression, ect). But to say such things with no backing…uh uh, no way. This crosses the line.
His job is to look after your health, and advise you accordingly.
If pregnancy would not interfere with that, then it’s none of his business.
Again, I’d find another doctor. This one’s a moran. (not moron, maran, extra sarcasm).




See, I’m sarcastic. I would have looked at him and said, “OK then. I hope you have enough toys and things to occupy them when I bring them to your office for you to watch next time I’m sick. And please bill insurance for that!”

Call your insurance company and find somebody with an ounce of compassion and common sense- and hurry! It’s the time of year when people with kids get sick a lot.


Was he kidding at all? I mean, I could see someone trying to bring levity into the situation…but he was serious???


Exactly. I would understand him asking me that if he thought my body could not handle another pregnancy. But he gave me a clean bill of health.

It makes me so sad when people act like they are sorry for me when I say I have three kids.

Recently I was on the phone chatting with someone who works in another store in the chain I work for. He asked if there’d be any interesting conversation and I said, "Nope. Only if interesting converstation involves diapers, potty training, and bottles. :smiley: . I told him I have three kids. He said, Oh, well before you beat yourself up, my sister has 9 kids to deal with. I said, “Oh! What a wonderful blessing to have such a large family.” He was kind of quite a moment, and said, “You know, your’re right” :thumbsup:


Your doc should be ‘fired’.Which planet is he from??? His comments are ridiculous and out of touch with reality. The best way to avoid passing germs is HANDWASHING!!! Make sure you don’t share utensils. Cover your mouth when you cough, then wash your hands after…Change your toothbrush after a sickness.

If a check up doesn’t reveal something wrong with yours or your kids immune system, just continue doing the best you can.
Your doc’s job is to determine which antibiotic (if any) is needed to treat the infection and moniter for complications. In my opinion, your kids would be getting much sicker more often if they were in day care.
His job is not to discourage you from having more children, but to present the risks, benefits and treatment options based on your health and direct you to prenatal care if that is your choice.

I think I’d write a letter to him describing your feelings as you wrote them here… who knows? you could plant a seed


OMG, too funny! That doctor better not have any pediatric leanings. My wife’s a pediatrician and just since my youngest was born we’ve seen everything imaginable-most of which she brings home! Let’s see, just off the top of my head…pertussis (baby got it just before it was time for the vaccination), a nasty stomach bug, several colds, and (saved the best for last) MRSA for me and my two girls!:stuck_out_tongue:


I would report him to the state medical board. As well as the board that operates your clinic. That is a very inappropriate statement.

A doctor has no business deciding how many children you have. His job is to provide medical advice and treatment. His only responsibility in this is to make sure you are healthy enough for a pregnancy.

That kind of statement is the same as if he said to a cancer patient: “Are you sure you want chemo? Haven’t you lived long enough?” Have you really thought about this?"


Definitely time to get a new doctor.


Your doctor obviously does not have any kids. Probably doesn’t like them either. Maybe next time interview a doctor and find out if he or she has a family. My doctor has 3 kids and their ‘refrigerator’ drawings are on the office walls! :slight_smile:

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