First 3D film on Jesus planned

The first 3D film on Jesus is being made in nine languages, including Malayalam and English.

The film titled, “Thirty pieces of silver,” will simultaneously hit some 5,000 theaters around the world, says director Kurien Varanasala.

The pooja (launch) of the film is scheduled for June 5 at the Pastoral Orientation Centre in Kochi, India.

Some 35 Catholic bishops and senior ministers are expected at the function.

The shoot will begin by July end. Many scenes will be shot in Jerusalem but the crucifixion would be filmed at Hampi in Karnataka,India. Major portion of the 350 million rupee-film will be shot at Ramoji Rao Film City in Hyderabad,India.

Varanasala said it took his team almost a decade to finish the script based on the New Testament. The director also said he had several rounds of discussions with Bible experts.

Johny Sagarika, the producer, said they want to be the first to make a 3D film on Jesus Christ.

The film has a 300-strong cast and technicians from abroad, he said.

The film team screen tested hundreds of youths for 18 months to select the actor playing Jesus Christ and zeroed on Jeremy Jairus, who is based in Dubai now. All 12 disciples will also be new faces, Sagarika said.

I don’t think I could handle watching The Crucifixion in 3-D as good as it might turn out. I have seen The Passion more than once but even that’s difficult.

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