First awesome pictures from refurbished Hubble telescope shows the universe in more detail than ever before

Space has never looked more beautiful. These stunning images - taken by the rejuvenated Hubble space telescope - have captured the jewel-bright colours of colliding galaxies, exploding stars and glowing nebulae. They are Hubble’s first deep space photos since its repair mission in May and are sharper than any images taken before by the orbiting satellite.

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Aren’t those images colorized?

I don’t think so. They look pretty much the same as they did on the *Enterprise *viewscreen…:smiley:

But gorgeous, yeah…Way to go, God! :thumbsup:

It depends. Images of space can be shot through a number of different filters that will affect the final appearance; but many times an image captured with color film will look very brightly colored, when the same object viewed through a telescope will look pretty drab.

The human eye is not capable of seeing the color of a celestial object, but long-exposure color film will. For example, if you looked at any of those nebulas with a telescope, they would all appear to be a whitish-grey color; and yet you can see the brilliant shades they really are when photographed.

:shrug: It’s just the way it works.

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