First Baptist Dallas’ Robert Jeffress insists the pope ‘has turned Donald Trump into a martyr’


*Jeffress actually didn’t get to say much during the nearly eight-minute segment; he was stuck in the middle and tucked away at the end. But when he did speak, he had something to get off his chest:

“The pope needs to ask for Donald Trump’s forgiveness for saying such an outlandish thing,” Jeffress said. “I do have to hand it to the pope. He performed a miracle today. He has done what nobody in history’s been able to do: He has turned Donald Trump into a martyr. And I believe because of that, Trump’s poll numbers are going to continue to go up, because as much as people respect the pope, they don’t want the pope inserting himself in the American election, and they sure don’t want to be taking advice from the pope on American security.”*


I grow weary of so many people refusing to learn what the Pope actually said. It seems this a near non-stop problem. Many say the Pope just should be more careful, but the truth is that in probably 90% of the cases, the Pope’s are either perverted, or taken out of context. Anyone who feels the Pope owes Trump an apology has not read what the Pope said–in fact, it is no stretch to say Trump should apologize to the Pope.


Hi IrishPatrick,

It has been said that the media outlets have mistranslated the Pope and the Pope did not say that Trump is not a Christian. I also respect people who have different viewpoints but I was a bit surprised to see Hannitys demeanor toward Pope Francis in the following video,

I have heard that Trump said the Popes comments were beautiful…so thats good. I am in disagreement with the stance of this Baptist minister Robert Jeffress. As a Catholic I would try and have respect for leaders of different religions…obv sometimes people say things that they might regret…hopefully Mr Jeffress and even Sean Hannity(who claims to be Catholic) can come around and support the Popes friendly stance toward refugees/migrants/immigrant which is inline with Catholic teachings.


Nothing Hannity says about the faith surprises me. He interrupted the Priest constantly and would not let him get his points out. For me, I can’t stand watching or listening to him anymore. I know he remains quite popular–but not for me.


God Bless Sean Hannity, from what I see he follows the Catholic Faith to the fullest and none of his views are counter to Catholic teaching. The US already allows a great number of immigrants every year.


For Trump this is a pattern of behavior. First he says someone or some behavior is distasteful, disgusting, or lying. Then, after a short period of time, he says he loves or cherishes or respects the individual or finds their behavior beautiful or commendable. He is either learning the art of being a politician as he gains more experience in the political arena or he has a peculiar defect in his personality, or both.


We are not allowed to question another person’s faith, so I won’t go there. However, suffice it to say I do not agree with your view.


Perhaps the Holy Father should stop speaking off the cuff as he is wanton to do. How many times has he spoken about something that has to be dissected and analyzed so that we know what he really said as opposed to what is reported?


Pope Francis’ criticism of Trump almost certainly helped Trump win the South Carolina primary.


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God Bless Sean Hannity, from what I see he follows the Catholic Faith to the fullest and none of his views are counter to Catholic teaching. The US already allows a great number of immigrants every year.

I did not see the video, but I did hear Sean Hannity allude to the fact he does not follow his faith as he knows it due to some of the past problems in the Catholic Church. He was also
IMHO somewhat uncharitable in talking about the Holy Father. This was from his radio program. Just an observation on my part.


For the zillionth time–the Pope did not criticize Trump personally. He did not even use his name. Please, I beg you, get the full truth before you create an opinion.

And, I might be wrong here, I am pretty sure Trump’s poll numbers were higher before the Pope event, and Trump was predicted to win by a larger margin. If anything, it seems Trump’s numbers dropped 3-5% after the Pope event.


Perhaps, the good brother Hannity is still Roman Catholic at that however.


The Pope did not criticize Trump.


Also a problem is that the Protestant and Evangelical ministers, even Mike Huckabee who was interviewed, didn’t get the whole conversation and seem to believe that Catholics have to believe everything the Pope utters, instead of realizing that he’s human too, and is just saying what he believes. The Church has never said you can’t have reasonable borders and security. Even the Vatican has that. But to expound on the Vaticans treasures, and even say that the Vatican has a host of pedophile priests it’s protecting, like one prominent so called female conservative said, is outright Catholic bigotry. I thought that died out many years ago, but seems this is still fresh in some Protestants minds.


Much ado about nothing IMO. So some protestant said something unflattering about the Pope, this is actually very mild in the grand scheme of things.


Mike Huckabee has shown himself to be a good man imho, I did not see this news clip of which one speaks,

But Pastor Jeffress, though popular, I certainly do not look at him as I would Billy Graham, Mike Huckabee and so on. I disagree with Jeffress on issues, I would urge people to search out his points of view.

Even Falwell Jr.'s remark on this episode seems measured in comparison.


The Pope gave a strawman answer to a question about Trump that leaves a negative taste about Trumps Christianity. One must dissect the response to see that he did not explicitly call Trump non-christian. However, many anti-Trump listeners do assume that’s all Trump thinks about so the Pope was implying he wasn’t Christian.


The problem is, none them gathered the entire truth before commenting, and that is shameful.

But I have to remember that such soft attacks on the Pope and the Church are nothing new. Jesus did say: “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.”

It is almost impossible to keep up with all the lies, half-truths, and distortions, non-Catholics (and even many Catholics) spew about the faith.

In this case, the truth of what the Pope said was far less sensational than those men seemed to think–its a shame they wouldn’t take the time to learn the full truth.


I agree and I DON"T watch him anymore either. He thinks he knows more than anyone else! God Bless, Memaw


Not true. The Pope gave a response that was meant for everyone, while avoiding calling anyone out by name–Jesus did that many times.

The Pope also went on to say he was giving the benefit of the doubt to Trump because he did not know the details of what Trump stood for–that alone proves my first point. If the Pope knew exactly where Trump stood, he would not give him the benefit of the doubt.

The Pope quite obviously presented a what if situation: If a person ONLY thinks of building walls, and does not think of building bridges, that is not Christian.

The Pope never said Trump was not a Christian, and he never said we could not build a wall.

Methinks many consciences are being hit hard by the Pope’s words, so they pervert what he was saying to make themselves feel less guilty.

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