First Blessing


We have a newly ordained priest at my parish and I was going to ask him for a "First Blessing". However, I hear you kiss his hands? Is this correct? How exactly does the blessing happen? Do I kneel? When do I kiss his hands? Both hands? Etc Help me out, so I know what to expect, please.


Yes I did that a few months ago. I went up to the Communion rail, knelt and I kissed both hands after the blessing. I think the kissing happens after the blessing… don’t remember that well… I hope this helps!


I recently attended an Ordination Mass, and during the reception, many people asked for a blessing from the newly ordained priests. When my wife and I received ours, he placed his hands on our heads and said a prayer over us. I didn’t notice anyone kneeling or kissing their hands. BUT, I’m a convert and this was my first experience around newly ordained priests.

I’ve heard that the actual FIRST blessing is often reserved for the new priest’s parents. I also noticed that after Mass, and before the reception, the new priests blessed the Bishop.

By the way, Ordination Masses are GREAT!


Traditionally, yes, you kiss the priest’s hands. At my friend’s ordination he kept his hands pretty guarded from people grabbing them to kiss them. I was going to, but when I noticed he was guarding them, I opted not to. It is also customary to kneel for the blessing. I noticed no one but myself and the priests and bishops did this. :shrug:


I agree! Ordination masses are pretty cool!
We all knelt at the Communion rail, but it was after the Latin mass. The ordination masses I've been to are done in Latin.


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