First case of Ebola in the US


Patient is in a Dallas Hospital, and has ben confirmed to have Ebola. Patient came from West Africa.


Sickening. Isn’t it about time that Congress reigned in this destructive man in the WH? 36,007 ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS were released from prison into American towns by Obama in 2013 alone! Virtually no one is being turned away from America’s borders today. This is madness. Only someone intent on ruining our civilization would allow this to happen! :mad: Rob


What does this rant have to do with anything?

This person flew legally into the US, and may actually be a US citizen.


I knew that our lax controls would bring Ebola to our shores. We used to take very strong precautions regarding visitors and immigrants back in a saner day. Maybe you are not disturbed by the tens of thousands of criminals whom Obama released last year either. :confused:


This is not an illegal alien, who did this. This is somebody who had papers and he had to clear customs. So the problem is not a border problem.


This would be an example of “It’s Bush’s fault” 2.0.


Given how quickly it was caught this person is most likely a member of the medical community or closely associated with it.


I believe that to be a falsehood. I teach English as a Second Language in Mexico, and a bunch of my students have been rejected for visas. I also was once at the border with a friend, who was not allowed to cross.

Doesn’t the US reject more for visas than it gives them? It’s very hard to get a visa, now. I believe that information to be misrepresenting the facts.

What’s your source?

Further, the topic here is Ebola. If you would like to discuss Immigration or politics, why not start another thread.


With all due respect, you make no sense. This has nothing to do with illegal immigration. And the person didn’t show symptoms until 4 days after arriving in the States.


Most of the illegal aliens whom Obama is allowing into America presently are from Central America. Didn’t you see the photos of hundreds of teens and adults hanging off trains heading for the border? I didn’t say, BTW, that this sick man crossed the southern border. The fact is that he was allowed here without being properly screened. (Note that all you libs ignore the massive criminal release of which I spoke) Obama is NOT a good man, and America screwed up royally granting him power. :blush:


Amazing that the talking points are already in order! :cool: I’m not accusing YOU of lying, BTW.




You must be the head of the CDC given that you are stating as fact this still publically unknown individual wasn’t properly screened.

As for the massive criminal release being ignored, I’ll be more than happy to address it if you can come up with even a remotely plausible linkage with the actual topic of this thread.


US is way too nonchalant about our borders. CDC acts as though each ebola case in US will be nailed as though hitting a slow game of ping pong.
What about the co$$$$t of containment and care?
Who is paying for that?
Also, what about innocent victims in harms way?:mad:


I understand you.
My descendants, like many others, had to stop at Ellis Island and go through humiliating tests that often times sent them floating back to where they came from.
We KNOW there is a serious problem in West Africa. Everyone who must come from that region to US should be held in 3-4 week isolation before mainstreaming.
It is a no-brainer.


The thread was on Ebola, not illegal immigration or Obama.


The linkage is that Obama does not care about the well-being of America. If I would have stated here in 2008 that Obama was just like Al Sharpton in his racial anger, I’d probaly have been banned. (I may still be, of course! lol) But now we know that Sharpton has been a regular WH visitor. Two peas in a pod, as I stated in other venues and e-mails to my Obama-loving brother way back then.
I contend that even those doctors should not have been re-admitted to America until they were fully recovered in Africa. Was there a rational reason to bring them back while they were still sick? All I know, OCG, is that nothing makes sense, except in light of the belief that Obama actively seeks to bring unrest here. :frowning:


Your Kierkegaard tagline says it all about liberals! It may be America’s fatal flaw that tens of millions of us believe in human Utopia, and that if we try hard enough, we can bring it about. :wink:


Thank you. That is my point! :thumbsup:


The man flew to the US from Liberia on a valid visa. How does this incident relate to “illegal criminal aliens” or lax border enforcement?

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