First church other than Catholic Church?


When was the first separate denomination broken off from the Catholic Church?


Well, if you think the Apostolic Church = Catholic Church and Denomination = Any group that breaks off from the Church, then 1st denom are the Judaizers (see acts 15)


When did the Baptist denom come about?


They arose out of the 16th Century Anabaptists


I would guess that the first denomination to break off that’s still around today would be the Oriental Orthodox Churches, which separated after they rejected the Council of Chaldecon in 451 AD.

The various Eastern Orthodox Churches would be next, and they separated as a result of the Great Schism of 1054.

Finally, you would have all of the Protestant denominations, which begin to form during and after the time of Martin Luther in the early 1500s.


Actually I would think it would be the Assyrian Church of the East which dates back to the earlier Council of Ephesus.


You are correct. Their split would predate the split of the Oriental Orthodox by something like 20 years, if I’m not mistaken. (The Nestorian schism was in 431 AD, although the Assyrian Church of the East is not itself Nestorian. Interestingly, they are currently in the process of talks to reunite with the Roman Catholic Church.)


You know it says that in the end we will all go back to the RCC. Maybe this is the start.


I think the first split was the Judaists who contended with Saint Paul. They insisted that Gentiles must enter the Christian church through Judaism. I don’t think it persisted very long.


I’m sure you’ve seen a list like this

As others have already said, there were various heresies which happened before the great schism.

Paul fought the gnostics even in his day, however, they weren’t a denomination.


“Denominationalism” was a plague even at First Catholic Church of Corinth. Remember the factions there? “I am of Paul.” “I am of Cephas.” “I am of Apollos.” “Well, OI am of Kahreyest…”


John the Baptist started the Baptist Church and Jesus was their first Pastor


Could you please go into a bit more depth on the history of the Baptists? What happened to them between John the Baptist and the Reformation, when most people actually believe that the Baptist denomination was founded?


So, Jesus said “On this rock I WILL build MY church” but it was actually started by John the Baptist?




Don’t you know? They lived underground for all those years, and were so good at hiding from the evil papists that not a single historical document mentions them. One Baptist theological position is that Jesus gifted them with the super-power of invisibility.


From the book Faith Alive by Fr John Redford

*]100 - 200 AD: Ebionites

*]172 AD: Montanists

*]319 AD: Arianism

*]725 AD: Iconoclasm

*]1054 AD: Eastern Orthodox

*]1184 AD: The Waldensians

*]1380 AD: John Wyclif
*]1521 AD: Lutheran Church

*]1531 AD: The Anglican Church

*]1533 AD: John Calvin

*]1612 AD: First Baptist Church founded in London under Thomas Elwy

*]1738 AD: Methodists

*]1774 AD: The Church of Utrecht

*]1870 AD: The Old Catholic Church

*]1900 AD: Pentecostals (Assemblies of God, International Foresquare Gospel etc)

There are obvious denominations missing from the list.


I’m reading the book Four Witnesses. It notes that Simon Magus and his followers were preaching false doctrine at the same time as the apostles. So, if someone wanted to be sure of getting true teaching, people would ask the preacher who he got his teaching from to make sure it was one of the apostles or their followers. So someone was ‘of Paul’ etc. But, as Paul points out, that isn’t a matter to take pride in (although it was necessary); the important thing is that we are ‘of Christ’.

So this wasn’t, strictly speaking, denominationalism as it was the same church and doctrine.


Thanks for correcting me on this point. Here, all the time I thought it was time travel. :wink:


You are joking, right? Is this a Baptist joke?

John didn’t start a church; he baptized Jews with a baptism of repentance to prepare them for the coming of the messiah, Jesus. Some of John’s followers became Jesus’ apostles and first disciples.

Jesus was the one who started the church. (We place our faith in Jesus, the Son of God, not John.) The apostles became the first bishops and patriarchs of the Catholic church.

The Baptist denomination began many centuries later, after the reformation. They adopted the name Baptist but they were not in any way connected to John the Baptist. There were no ‘Baptists’ in the early church.

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