First Class Relics: Do they heal people?

I am thinking of going to St. Anthony’s Chapel in Pittsburgh. Supposedly they have the largest collection of relics next to the Vatican. I am also having some pretty bad health problems, for which I’ve had three surgeries of little to none benefit. I’m wondering if I should ask the people there if they can place a first class relic against my skin, and ask the saint to intercede for me and obtain healing for me.

I am curious if anyone here on this forum has ever done what I plan to do (asked to be touched to a first class relic), and was healed. Or, if anyone here on this forum has seen or heard a friend or family member healed through a first or second class relic.

I appreciate any stories that you might have. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure…
I would go here and look up “relic”. The articles are usually pretty long, but they’re thurogh

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