First class relics in home - proper reverence


My family has two first-class relics on the home altar in our prayer room - one of St. Catherine Laboure, and one of St. Therese of Lisieux.
We also have a couch in that room that we will pull out to a bed for guests. A friend of mine, who is a devout Catholic, is currently staying in that room. I know she is using it as one would use a bedroom - to change, read, sleep, etc.
I hadn't thought of this before, but I'm concerned about proper reverence for the relics. Is allowing her to use this room showing irreverence? Should I perhaps move the relics while she's here? Or at least encourage her to use my bathroom to change? Does anyone have any thoughts, or bits from the Catechism or Church documents or anything?



I’m part of a religious group and usually relics is stored in a closed box, and open up during for example during sleep, for protection at night. to change clothes would be appropriate to do in the bathroom, even to change socks.

It’s also a great devotion to at least kiss the relic twice a day, and say a prayer.

God bless
Spes Fidelium


We have a first class relics as well ( True Cross).

Ours is placed very prominently in our living room. Our family prayers are all said kneeling facing towards the relic.


A first class relic is only a body part of a saint.


Relics of Our Lord’s passion are considered first class.


Where does the Church document that?
Also the Church has never and never will authenticate any piece of wood as being from the True Cross. I do not believe anyone has pieces of it. Its wishful thinking.


If I were to get a relic of the True Cross from the Vicariate of Rome it would come with a certificate of authentication stating its the real thing. It’s up to you if you want to believe them or not.


With regard to ancient relics the Church DOES NOT and NEVER HAS authenticated any such relics.


the Vicariate of Rome have the relics of the True Cross found by Saint Helena. The cross and other instruments of the Passion is kept at the Sancta Croce in Gerusalleme in Rome. The Vicariate of Rome authenticates relics of the True Cross. A friend of mine received a relic of the True Cross from the Vicariate of Rome.


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