First communion, confession issue


I just had first communion, and I had to talk to the priest briefly before the mass since I traveled a long way to do it and had no time. I went there prepared to confess my sins and he asked me what troubled my conscience. I said it in general terms, like "I've been sadistic", but didn't specify how. He didn't seem to care about details, and went ahead to ask me to correct those problems, and absolved me. I wanted to talk to him in a better fashion, but some uneducated person kept knocking like crazy on the door. A few minutes later I received communion.

Did I desecrate the body of Christ? This question is driving me insane. Thanks in advance.


This is something to discuss with the priest, or another priest.

We cannot know all the details of what transpired. On the whole, there is no reason to believe that you made a bad confession. I suggest you try not to over analyze things here. The priest seemed satisfied with your confession. It is not necessary to give specific details in confession.


Thank you very much, brother!


If you can do it, make an appointment to speak to the priest without interruption. While sins can be absolved without specific details, it is good to be as specific AS POSSIBLE within the constraints of time and of others waiting. Yes, those sins are absolved if you had the intention to confess them in number and type, but it also may benefit you if you confess them more specifically next time.

Congratulations on your First Communion!!


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