First communion conflict

Ugh, I’m so conflicted. I hate lying to my son, but find my silence equates to a complete lie.

I’m an unbeliever and my wife is a Cafeteria Catholic who is pretty sure that God isn’t real and just rolls her eyes when the subject of the real presence comes up.

Anyway, she’s off to a retreat with our son today, preparing for his first communion.

She’s doing it she says, only because she wants to give him hope that after death, we’re more than just worm food. I think the truth would be much fairer thing to tell him, but I digress.

I’m standing by silently, of course I question him about all the Jesus stuff he learns at school when he talks to me about it, which is helping him develop a critical mind.

I was pretty proud the other day, I heard him tell his younger brother that he didn’t think Jesus was real.

Anyway, just sharing.

And why are you posting exactly? Is there a question or are you just wanting to troll?

Why would you be proud of this? I can tell you as a professional historian that almost every reputable historian and scholar in the world believes that Jesus actually existed. The evidence for Jesus is actually stronger than for many other famous ancient figures for which we have less evidence.

I was looking over his past posts. He’s just trolling. :rolleyes:

Somewhere… under a bridge… there is a vacancy…



Don’t take the bait.

You just got me in trouble with my son. He heard me listening to your link and asked me how I got to it. I thought that I was being cool until I heard that he discovered it a couple of years ago.:o


I know, I know - I’ll come across what I think is a brand-new Youtube clip, show it to my sons and they’re like…:rolleyes: “Seen it.”

We old people just can’t keep up with the young ones.

But every once in a while, I still get to something ahead of them…and then my cool factor goes up by .000000001.


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