First Communion Gift


Is it appropriate to give money and a card as a First Communion gift for someone who is not a relative and I have only known for a few months?


Why would it not????


If you aren't comfortable with money, yet don't know them well enough to choose a gift, perhaps a gift certificate to the local Catholic supply store? :)


Money is a perfectly good First Communion gift.


In some church or cathedrals they have shops what sells religious items


@Jenny35 I live in a midsize town in the Southeast, no Catholic supply stores. Thanks!

@Aran Houlihan Our parish does not have a gift shop and the nearest cathedral is two hours way. Thanks!

@kag1982 and GEddie Thanks! I feel better.


No problem… I got a check from my grandma when I made my First Communion. There is nothing that says that you need to get the child a religious object. A check and a nice card is just fine.


Normally, a first communion gift is either a rosary or a crucifix necklace. But, money and a card is fine too. :slight_smile:

Just be sure it’s a religious card. Children hate atheist cards. They might try to convert them away from the Faith. :smiley:


Thanks! I got a religious card. :thumbsup:


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