First Communion Mass/Children's Mass

Sigh, so I think I witnessed my first Mass for Children today. It was first Holy Communion for 3 girls. (sorry for the rant)

Anyways, never before have I wished I owned a camera phone as I did today. Apparently they have the first communion children decorate the priest’s chasuble. So since it was 3 little girls, this included pink fuzz, hearts, ballet shoes, and swimsuit, mostly in bright pinks and purples on a white chasuble. :eek: Now I have know idea of what any of it had to do with FHC. The closest explanation we got was of the heart and listing of family as showing that God is love and we are a family. :shrug:

After the homily, the girls brought the gifts up to music and spoken poem about the bread, wine, and water. :rolleyes:

Then the priest had the girls stand up by the altar while the did the Eucharistic prayer. I must say that I am glad I have never seen a mass for children before and that they are going away for Advent. The priests words were alternated with strange sung responses. The sung sanctus also was broken up into small phrases that were sung in between parts of the Eucharistic prayer. It was all so bewildering, at one point I realized my jaw was hanging a bit. I realized I was in for a treat when I caught the phrase “…that make us unhappy.” :confused:

It was “interesting”

(interesting the way Minnesotans use interesting:p).

First Holy Communion at my parish was pretty horrid as well. The priest decided it would be a great idea to have all the communicants gather around the altar, which is a pretty big and blatant no-no. It’s pretty funny because I thought he was a “do everything liturgically correct” priest. It was also a stupid idea because most of the kids were pretty bad on the altar, so it was embarrassing not only for them but for their parents. This thing really annoys me because when all the kids go up to the altar; most parishioners think, “Aw, how cute!!” :rolleyes:

While I agree that was pretty bizarre, the EP was probably the EP for Masses with Children as that has responses in it.

this is personal opinion I have not seen it in canon law but it is the rule here as long as I am alive and kicking:
If anything connected with First Communion can remotely evoke as a primary response “aw that is so cute!” we ain’t doin’ it

I was in Chicago at St John Cantius Parish today. Wonderful Mass, the new form in Latin, about 20 kids first communion, the church was full with kids. Everything was celebrated according to the books, the choir sung a polyphonic Mass (Palestrina). It was just like in the good old times: beautiful.


After seeing that chasuble today (along with the priests comment “this is painful enough” while going over the chasuble) I wouldn’t be surprised if he works to get rid of that particular practice. :stuck_out_tongue: He literally looked like a walking felt banner.

Our first communion Masses are over the next 2 Saturdays. Special Masses because so many children are receiving the sacrament. There will be no fuzzy pink pom-poms on the chasabules, but no choir chanting either. Last year I attended one because my son was serving and they were reverant liturgies–like we get every Sunday, thank God!

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