First Communion on a Sunday

My goddaughter is making her first communion this coming Sunday. It’s at 2:00pm. I’ve been trying to figure out if it will fulfill the Sunday obligation or if I also need to go in the morning. I’m guessing if the liturgy is the same it should be fine, but not sure. Anybody know?

Yes, attending mass at 2 p.m. on Sunday fulfills your obligation to attend mass on Sunday.

Yes, it should be fine. Churches that do Sunday Evening Masses still count that for Sunday, so a 2pm afternoon Mass should be okay.

That’s a little late in the day though. Usually they are held in the late morning like at 11am.

I would assume that this is not a regularly scheduled Mass, though it will still (of course) satisfy the obligation.

Any Mass you attend between Saturday evening and midnight Sunday night fulfills your obligation.

We got to Mass at 8:30 pm on most Sundays and it counts. 2pm is fine.

of course it does, Mass any time on Sunday fills our obligation, the readings are irrelevant and up to the priest, but in Lent they must be those of the season.

Thanks to all for the answers!

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