First Communion Practice

I stopped by the Cathedral (my parish) yesterday afternoon, hoping for a quiet place to pray. However, it was a nuthouse–first communion practice. So I sat in the back and watched. The teacher was running the kids through their steps, lining them up, setting them down, showing them their places in the pews, and so on. Our rector came in to talk about the meaning of the communion itself, and then conducted a practice with unconsecrated hosts. All the kids were lined up and the first kid approached him, hands out to receive, as I’m sure he’d been taught in class. The rector said, “for your first Holy Communion, you will receive on the tongue. This is the normal way that we receive Communion.” He then proceeded to demonstrate exactly what he expected them to do. Priceless.

The kids went from rowdy to silent in a second.:smiley:

God bless our holy priests!

Thanks so much for posting this, you gave me a lot of hope :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank God for that… i havent received in the hand for about 3 weeks to a month, do not plan to go back

I told my son that for his First Communion he was to receive on his tongue and then after that he could choose. I also advised him that the normal way to receive is on the tongue. (Though from looking at all the people around you would THINK the normal way was in the hand.) For his second communion he tried the hand reception method. Then he stated that from now on he wanted to only receive on the tongue because he thought that it was easier!

i too received on the tongue when i had my first communion. switched to receiving in the hand sometime in my early adult life.

Me too, it seems more reverent to me, just my own feeling. But every now and then, if I feel that the Lord wants me to receive on the tongue (maybe to have me practice obedience since He knows it makes me uncomfortable), I do.

Last week we had a retired visiting priest for daily mass. I don’t think he was used to people receiving on the tongue these days. He dropped the Host, which landed on my, er, upper chest (I do think we should use patens and have suggested it to my pastor). Father got a bit flustered and said something like, “I’ll let you get it.” I had to smile. Jesus knows we’re only human and such things are going to happen sometimes.

I was at a nearby church at the end of their first communion practice, which was not rowdy. I was impressed. The teacher was reminding the children of the hour fast before communion. Just before they left she said, “Come a little hungry for Jesus.” I’ve thought about that from time to time. We should all come a little hungry for Jesus.

i was encouraged after hearing my priest’s sermon for Corpus Christi and he mentioned something about receiving in the hand which made me feel better :slight_smile:

You’ll love the adorable awkwardness of this video, then! :smiley:

I think my priest was probably a lot older (and much wiser). I wish I could understand what that one was saying.

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