First Communion Questions

I was wondering as to whether there is an age limit to when you can recieve first commmunion. I’m 16 and I have not recieved the communion but would like to because I was baptised Catholic and would like to return to the Catholic Church.

Welcome to CAF, and welcome home!

While there is an age limit, this covers only children. For children to be able to receive First Holy Communion, they need to be within the age of reason, anywhere from 7-9 years of age. However, in your case, there is no age limit once you’ve passed the age of reason benchmark. What I would suggest is that you contact your pastor as soon as possible so that you can begin catechesis. Who knows, you might be able to also receive the Sacrament of Confirmation along with First Holy Communion?

Being that you are a teenager, you mgiht also want to consider joining the parish’s youth group. Surrounding yourself with a good, solid group of Catholic teenagers can do a lot to help you along the way.

There are people who receive First Communion at a very old age, even on their death bed. But don’t wait that long! You need the sacraments now — as soon as possible. Talk to your pastor and ask him to help you make this happen.

Welcome home, dear. We have missed you. :hug1:

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